Kardashians & Blac Chyna Reunite For Special Day

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The Kardashians and Blac Chyna have reunited for a special day. Clearly, it would take an epic moment in order for the family and Chyna to be in the same room together. They went through a tumultuous lawsuit that kept the family on the edge of their seats. Now, they are back together but what is the reason? Read on for more details.

Kardashians & Blac Chyna Reunite For Special Day

It had not been the easiest relationship between the Kardashians and Rob Kardashian’s ex, Blac Chyna. The only bright spot in the relationship was their baby girl, Dream. She has been a light in everyone’s life and really adores her cousins and they her. Unfortunately, Chyna did file a lawsuit against the family which caused an immense amount of stress. It cost a lot of time and money and, in the end, Chyna was the one who lose. However, they are forever tied to one another due to Dream. So, when she had a big event come up, everyone important to her had to rally and come together to celebrate.

Blac Chyna/YouTube
[Blac Chyna-YouTube]
According to ET, worlds collided for the Pre-K graduation of Dream Kardashian. Dream was not the only one who had a graduation moment, though. Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian’s daughters, Stormi and True also graduated Pre-K, as well. Both Kylie and Khloe posed with their girls holding flowers while Khloe was able to get a cousin’s photo. As for Blas Chyna, she shared pictures of her and Dream posing around a life-sized 2023. She then shared that in her Instagram stories.

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[KarJenner Pre-K Grad-Facebook]
It was unclear how many more members of the KarJenner family attended the graduation, if any. However, it is great to see the ones who did attend seemingly interacting peacefully for the children. This is a great example for Dream, True, and Stormi to know that they are loved by so many. More so, their family will always be there for them during the most important moments in their lives. Plus, the girls looked so happy to be honored and celebrated for the day.

Chyna Changes

This year, Blac Chyna has undergone some serious evolutions. She went and shaved her head back in April 2023. Additionally, she started using her birth name, Angela White. Finally, she encouraged her followers to live authentically and that seemed to mean they should remove their plastic surgery. Oh, and she got baptized so, for whatever reason, Blac Chyna has some sort of spiritual awakening. This could mean having a copasetic relatiosnhip with the Kardashians.

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