Should ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Watch Amazon’s ‘Shiny Happy People’?

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Should Sister Wives fans watch the Amazon documentary Shiny Happy People? It throws the doors open on what it was like growing up in the Duggar family. More so, it explained how the teachings of Bill Gothard influenced so many people and not in the best way. There was a lot of hurt and trauma with a  cult-like mentality. That being said, is it worth it for fans of the Brown family to give this show a go? Read on for more details.

Should Sister Wives Fans Watch Amazon’s Shiny Happy People?

Sister Wives fans have often questioned if Mormonism is a cult in its own way. The fact that Kody Brown can have more than one wife is interesting. Yet, what is even more interesting is the fact that his first wife, Meri Brown stayed in a loveless and intimacy-free marriage for years. She did this because this was her way of getting to the Celestial Kingdom. Meri had to see her husband say that he did not care if she found someone new to realize that the marriage was over. Furthermore, it has long been questioned if Kody’s daughter, Madison was groomed by her much older husband, Caleb.

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Now, with Shiny Happy People blowing the roof off of certain religious practices and what is being kept hidden, should Sister Wives fans be invested in the series? A Reddit thread was started to address this. The OP started off by stating: “To whoever recommended Shiny Happy People to watch. Thank you! This is a very interesting watch and also similar but not exact to this sub. Definitely recommend watching!” Did others agree with them?

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One Redditor had this to share: “I grew up mainstream mormon and I’m shocked at how similar this is to what I was taught, sick sick sick! So after TLC, Jim Bob becomes a cult leader, wonder how long it will take the Kodester to follow suit? 🤢 #thisdocmakesmehatemenprettybad.” One agreed that all cults have one thing in common- they bring narcissists together.

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It was also noted that Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn’s daughters are being groomed to be obedient. This was especially noticeable during the pandemic. Kody would constantly say that Robyn’s kids followed the rules and already knew what to do coming into the marriage. This has not sat well with some at all. In the end, both the Sister Wives and the Duggars are TLC families. That being said, they have allowed their children to be exploited in some ways with limited if any compensation. This could be why the elder Brown children have chosen to expose their father on a public forum where people pay to get the tea.

Have you seen Shiny Happy People yet? More so, do you think Sister Wives fans should watch it? Let us know in the comments below.

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