‘SW’: Did Caleb Brush Groom His Wife Madison Brown?

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Did Caleb Brush groom his wife, Sister Wives star, and daughter, Madison Brown? They have been happily married for seven years and have three kids together. Overall, they seem like a very happy couple but is there something else lingering underneath the marriage? Read on for more details on their relationship.

Did Caleb Brush Groom His Wife Madison Brown?

Caleb Brush proposed to Maddie Brown back in 2015. Her father, Kody Brown thoroughly adored him which made it hard when her sister, Mykelti Padron brought her boyfriend around. That same year, Mykelti started dating Tony Padron and seemed to want to accelerate her relationship with him. Yet, he did not get the warm and fuzzy reception that Caleb did from their dad. The following summer, Maddie was preparing to walk down the aisle. At the same time, Tony asked Kody and his third wife, Christine for Mykelti’s hand in marriage. It was a lot going on in the Brown home. Fortunately, Maddie and Caleb’s June 2016 wedding went off without a hitch.

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They went on to have three children, Axel, Evie, and Joey together but now fans are questioning their romance. Did Caleb Brush groom Maddie? There were two Reddit threads that were started to address the couple’s relationship. The first asked if Caleb gave people ‘cringy’ vibes. It was noted that he was in his mid-twenties when they started talking and she was just a teen. One Redditore had this to say: “26 yrl old man talking to s 16 yr old teenager, means grooming.”

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Another added: “It doesn’t even “feel” like he groomed her because he DID groom her. With that kind of age gap and how little time had passed between her being legal and them getting married, there’s no other conclusion to come to.” In the second thread, their age difference was once again addressed. “He’s also 10 years older than her. This feels like straight up grooming,” the OP shared in their opener. They are also related but not by blood so that came up, as well.

A Lot To Unpack

Caleb Brush and Maddie Brown met when she was young and the age difference has long been an issue. However, the couple has made it seven years, a few states, and three kids. They seem quite happy so it’s a very fine line. One Redditor did share that the community they were raised in has a strange history and stigma. So, there is really no right answer. She fell for him, apparently, she chased him and he told her to stay away though many do not believe this narrative. This is something that will probably be debated with no real answer.

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