‘LPBW:’ Amy Roloff Dead At 60 In Car Wreck?

Amy Roloff - LPBW - TLC

A startling claim is making rounds in Little People, Big World fan groups that the TLC matriarch Amy Roloff is dead at the age of 60 after getting in a nasty car crash. Where did this claim originate from and is there any possibility Amy Roloff was actually killed in a car accident? Keep reading for the details of this scary story and whether there is any truth to it.

LPBW: Amy Roloff Dead At 60 In Car Crash?

A random individual on Facebook is making claims in LPBW groups that Amy Roloff has died in a nasty car accident. The frantic individual explained that had heard chatter the TLC star was dead and they were hoping someone could confirm whether or not it was true.

Here is the original post making rounds on social media:

Amy Roloff Dead - LPBW/TLC
Amy Roloff Dead – LPBW/TLC

Doing a bit of deep diving, it is unclear where this concern Amy Roloff was dead came from as there do not appear to be any reports that she was in a car accident. Checking her Instagram profile, Tv Shows Ace can confirm Amy Roloff is NOT dead. The TLC star posted on her profile 24 hours ago. And, she shared a video on her Instagram profile just four hours ago (which was more recent than when this claim was originally made). So, fans have nothing to worry about as she appears to be very much alive.

This Isn’t The First Time She’s “Died”

As LPBW fans might remember, this isn’t the first time Amy Roloff “died” according to media outlets. In November of last year, Amy was the victim of a death hoax that made rounds after a random Facebook page claimed she had passed away. The claim made by the Facebook page picked up traction by various media outlets and there was a brief concern she had passed away before fans finally got confirmation she was alive and well.

Fortunately, it appears as if this is just another celebrity death hoax and fans of the TLC star have no real cause for concern. As far as fans know, Amy is in decent health and living her best life with her husband Chris Marek.

Do you think there is any truth to the claim Amy Roloff is dead at the age of 60? Was the TLC star in a car accident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and keep coming back for more LPBW news.

Allie Johnson


  1. Stop spreading rumors about Amy just leave her alone for God sake! you have nothing better to do then to scared the crap out of the people who really care about her.
    find something constructive to do with your life and leave others alone!

    1. Yes I agree she needs peace and the person starting these rumors need to get a hobby and leave Amy alone!!!!!

  2. glad u r ok. I love u. I love to meet u one day. my daughter always wanted to marry Zack. she had the biggest crush on him. I hope to see u in the fall in the next season 🤩

  3. I am so happy Amy is ok I watch her show and I watch her cook videos and do mind saying I’ve made some of her recipes and they were pretty good my family enjoyed them who ever would start spreading crap like this needs more then a hobby they need their ass kicked for real had they like if someone started spread shit stores about them or their family this is horrible Amy am glad your ok and very sorry that this person who ever it is did this to you and your family prayers 🙏 and love to y’all

  4. I love Amy and Chris together it’s sad that these rumors are going around I know for certain I do and will not believe anything until I hear it from true and reliable sources it’s sad that serial hoaxes are out there that’s just SUPER SAD….I mean do they get paid for this NONSENSE are what? SAD!

  5. Whoever is spreading this rumour is encouraging and enjoying these kind of angry comments.
    Stop giving him/Her the platform to do so.

  6. Amein, just leave her and her family alone, you really do need something constructive to do in your life instead of sinking lower…

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