Did James Duggar Just Shut Jill Dillard Out Of His Life?

Jill Dillard and James Duggar - Instagram

Has Counting On star James Duggar shut his sister Jill Dillard out of his life? Fans of the disgraced reality TV family believe that may be the case after something extremely cryptic he posted on Instagram on the heels of her book reveal and the drop of the Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets documentary. What exactly did James Duggar say that has fans thinking he’s cut ties with Jill Dillard? Keep reading for the scoop.

James Duggar and Jill have always been close

As Entertainment Chronicle reminds us, James Duggar has always been especially close to his sister Jill. Fans have reportedly praised James for making an effort to stay in touch with his sister after they’d grown up and left the nest.

Counting On alum James Duggar has documented visiting his sister Jill and her children on several occasions. When he visits, he always made special time for her children. And, the photos and videos he shared revealed he was a fun uncle the children enjoyed spending time with. Moreover, James Duggar also attended Derick Dillard’s law school graduation. So, it breaks fans’ hearts to think this sibling bond could be souring.

James Duggar - YouTube
James Duggar – YouTube

Gets cryptic about pride and family

James Duggar recently added fuel to a few fires by sharing a pretty cryptic post on his Instagram about losing pride. His post originated from the English philosopher John Ruskin and discusses pride and relationships. Considering the timing, Duggar fans assume James was firing a shot at his sister Jill regarding both the documentary and the release of her new book.

As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, many of Jill’s family members aren’t too happy about the release of this book. Shockingly, a lot of Duggar fans are standing with Jill’s family as they think her issues with her family should be worked out in public instead of printed in a book.

Not all fans are lashing out at Jill, however, some think she is owed dues after learning her father prevented her from seeing a dime of TLC money for years. So, this book could be a chance for her to make some money from the trauma she endured growing up.

Jill Dillard - YouTube
Jill Dillard – YouTube

It was on his Instagram Stories that James Duggar shared what many believed was him shooting a shot at his sister, Jill. Here’s what his Instagram Stories said, “It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love over your pride.”

Reading between the lines, Duggar fans believed James was essentially saying his sister made a mistake in choosing herself over her family.

Do you think James Duggar was shooting a shot at his sister Jill with this post? Is this book going to hinder her relationship with her family? Keep coming back to us for all things Duggar!


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