Josh Seiter EXPLODES On ‘OnlyFans’ Amid Sexy Boyfriend Reveal

Josh Seiter

Josh Seiter of ABC’s The Bachelorette has EXPLODED on OnlyFans in the week since he exclusively revealed his steamy new romance with his sexy new man named, David. While confirming David had a mouthwatering body with thirst-quenching moves in their shared career as exotic dancers, many of the details regarding who his new man is and the depth of their relationship is shrouded in mystery out of respect for David’s privacy.

The Bachelorette alum exclusively confirmed the relationship first with Tv Shows Ace but explained his red-hot lover was NOT a reality TV personality. And, Josh respected the fact that David didn’t want to stand in the spotlight with him.

On his Instagram profile, Josh Seiter teases his fans and followers can follow his journey and “their” journey via his OnlyFans account. The former ABC personality typically charges $20 a month for those interested in subscribing. He, however, regularly offers 50 percent off promises for just $10 for the first month for his more timid followers hoping to grab a quick look behind the curtain.

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter

Josh Seiter’s OnlyFans EXPLODES following his boyfriend reveal

After news of his boyfriend went viral, Josh Seiter experienced an influx of new subscribers on his OnlyFans as it exploded with thirsty new fans. Up until this point, The Bachelorette star had been pretty openly chasing a wide variety of reality TV women of all shapes and sizes.

While the comments of his Instagram posts were littered with people claiming he gave off major vibes that he “played for the other team” his pursuit of women continued. So, his fans and followers experienced a mix of confusion and validation when he revealed he was now in a relationship with an exotic male dancer named David.

Josh Seiter - OnlyFans
Josh Seiter – OnlyFans

Presently, Josh Seiter is in the top six percent of all creators on the platform. At the moment, he’s banking nearly $400K annually with a lot of VERY happy customers who stick around beyond the first 30 days because of the incredible customer service he provides. Just shy of $100K of his annual income on OnlyFans actually comes from tips and messages via the very personal service he’s willing to provide to his followers.

His OnlyFans profile offers a combination of risque content and classy sensual thirst traps. Here’s a little taste of what his subscribers are enjoying on the other side of his paywall:

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter
Jason McCoy Photography (used with permission)

Those who have had the pleasure of subscribing to his OnlyFans claim it is well worth it and they enjoy it as repeat customers.

One of the big questions his fans have as they consider subscribing to his OnlyFans while taking a look at his dating history as a whole is simple: How does he identify? Is his OnlyFans account going to appeal to a male audience or a female audience?

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter

Josh Seiter tells Tv Shows Ace he loves ALL people regardless of their gender. And, he welcomes all subscribers to his OnlyFans with open arms.

Fortunately, he told Tv Shows Ace the answer to this question during a previous interview: “I don’t like labels and I don’t like being put into tiny boxes or categories. I would say I identify as Pansexual. I love everybody equally regardless of gender.”

Interested in checking Josh Seiter out on OnlyFans? Click here to head to his profile

Josh Seiter/IG

Were you surprised when he revealed his boyfriend, David? Have you checked out his OnlyFans yet? Let us know in the comments down below! And, keep coming back for more Bachelorette news.

Photo Credits: Jason McCoy Photography (used with permission)

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