Fans Appalled As Jed Duggar Ignores Car Seat Safety Guidelines

Jed Duggar - YouTube

Counting On fans are appalled as Jed Duggar is ignoring car seat safety guidelines. He recently revealed a decision he made regarding his kids’ car seats, and his followers can’t believe what he’s done. What did he do, and how is everyone reacting? Are his children in danger? Keep reading for all of the details.

Jed Duggar will soon be a father to two.

It’s almost time for Jed and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, to welcome their second little one to the world. The couple’s second child, a girl named Nora Kate, was due to arrive around May 24, so she may already be here by now. At this point, they haven’t made an official announcement but did give fans a peek as they arrived at the hospital.

Prior to heading to the hospital, the couple shared with fans about some of the preparations they were making for little Nora. This includes getting the car seat ready. While chatting about it, Jed revealed he broke a car seat safety rule.

Jed Duggar - YouTube
Jed Duggar – YouTube

Counting On fans are appalled by his car seat safety violation.

In his new YouTube video, Jed Duggar showed viewers that he was getting the infant car seat ready for his new baby since Truett is one year old now. Truett was moved to a different car seat so the baby girl can use his old one when she arrives.

In this clip, Jed explained that his brother, Josiah Duggar, told him he could just pressure wash the car seat to clean it up. Katey added that the car seat/stroller combo had been everywhere with them, from Italy to Israel. So, it definitely needed a good cleaning before the baby girl could use it.

Jed Duggar - YouTube
Jed Duggar – YouTube

Reddit users shared a screenshot from this video and drew attention to a mistake Katey and Jed Duggar made. The original poster said, “I cannot believe he pressure washed the car seat. Car seat 101 this is a huge no no!” 

According to, car seats should not be totally soaked. The source says, “Drenching a car seat with water can cause rust in the parts along the underside of the seat, reducing the seat’s effectiveness in a crash.”

By pressure-washing the car seat, Jed likely got the straps wet too. notes, “These are made of woven threads that use tensile strength to provide just the right amount of ‘give’ in a car accident if used properly.”

Hopefully, Jed and Katey will see these comments and remedy the potential safety issue.

So, what do you think of Katey and Jed Duggar’s decision regarding their kids’ car seats? Do you think he will replace the car seat after fans pointed this out? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

Below, you can watch Katey and Jed Duggar’s new YouTube video.

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