‘Sister Wives’ Red Flag Kody Brown Still Snubbed By Sons

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Is Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown still being snubbed by his sons? He has had a rough relationship with his boys since the pandemic began. They felt that he was not being an active father or husband and only thinking about himself. Furthermore, they believed that he only cared about his fourth wife, Robyn’s family. Recently, Kody and his sons were in the same vicinity but did they even interact? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Red Flag Kody Brown Still Snubbed By Sons

Kody Brown’s relationship with his sons started to really flounder during the pandemic when he set strict pandemic protocols. More so, he felt that two of his sons with Janelle Brown were dangerous. Gabriel was in school and had a girlfriend while Garrison was working so they were both out and about. To Kody, he believed that they posed a risk to the family since he was the primary person floating from home to home. The boys took exception to that but also the way he was keeping the plural family apart. Then, in Season 17, the boys were really distant from their dad.

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Things further mounted when Kody Brown caught Covid and called Gabe to see his experience with it. However, it was also Gabe’s birthday which he seemingly forgot about. That just further increased the rift. As for Kody’s son with Christine, Paedon Brown, he has been here, there, and, everywhere exposing his father’s lies and hurtful ways. So, they need more than just therapy at this point. Yet, a big moment just happened which caused the family to gather. Kody and Janelle’s youngest daughter, Savanah graduated high school.

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Kody Brown was there, which was a huge deal but so were Savanah’s siblings, per Janelle’s Instagram. Included were Gabe, Garrison, and Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn. Photos were taken but all of Kody’s children, except the graduate, seemed to keep their distance. They beamed with each other and Janelle but not a photo with their father seemingly was taken or posted anywhere. He only took a photo with the newest graduate and looked extremely proud.

Strained Relationships

There was no family portrait for Savanah Brown’s high school graduation that included Kody Brown which is actually quite sad. Yet, it does make sense. As aforementioned, he and his sons are not in the best place at all. To add insult to injury, Gwendlyn Brown was there and they now have a fractured relationship, as well. She started a Patreon and a YouTube channel where she reacts to episodes of Sister Wives. However, she has not said the most positive things about Kody and Robyn. More so, she openly admitted that she did not think they would attend her July wedding despite being invited.

Are you shocked that Kody Brown is still estranged from his sons and even Gwendlyn? Do you think that they should have pulled it together for a full family photo? Let us know in the comments below.

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