Kody Brown Says He Needs Therapy With His Sons?

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Kody Brown has had a rough go of it with his children during Season 16 of Sister Wives. His eldest kids did not necessarily feel like they were being treated equally or fairly. He was always with Roby and her five children. Therefore, less attention was paid to Christine, Janelle, and their families. As more time went by, some of the kids lashed out even more. This included Janelle’s sons, Gabriel and Garrison. They seemed to be on the receiving end of Kody’s disdain for his children’s disrespect. Eventually, it all came to a head leaving both Kody and the boys wondering if their relationship was beyond repair.

In a sneak peek of part two of the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all, Kody shares where he is with his son. He also discusses what the pandemic did to their relationship. Furthermore, he discusses the possibility of therapy to get back to where they once were.

Kody Brown Versus His Children

Viewers did not take kindly to Kody glossing over his daughter, Ysabel’s severe scoliosis pain during Season 15. The pandemic was a few months in and Christine shared she was taking their daughter for surgery. Kody was adamant that they postpone it mainly because it was in New Jersey. He felt it was irresponsible and he knew he would not be able to be there with them. At the time, he was going from house to house to lessen the chance of spreading the virus. When Ysabel heard her dad tell her to wait on the surgery, she was devastated.

Kody Brown and daughter
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Since he was not around every day, he had no idea the pain she had been in. She had been struggling since she was 13 and had tried exercises that consumed her life. It was an attempt to lessen the curve but it had gotten too severe. By the time of the surgery, she braved it alone with her mom and two of her sisters. She was crushed. As for Janelle’s sons Gabriel and Garrison, Kody made them feel like lepers just for trying to live. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend while Garrison was working full time.

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He had finished the National Guard and was attempting to save up for a home. Janelle knew they had not given him anything so she wanted to support his goals. Kody believed they were being too risky and not following proper protocols for the family. He felt they should not be in the home but Janelle chose her kids over her husband. When the boys tried to open up to their dad, he was not listening thus the rift continued to grow.

Where Do Kody and The Boys Stand?

At the end of the season, Robyn’s nanny exposed the whole family to COVID. Luckily, everyone tested negative. Then, Janelle revealed that Gabe and Garrison started having symptoms and would go on to test positive. It was a question if this would later come up as Kody constantly felt they were at risk. Us Weekly shared a sneak peek of part two of the Sister Wives tell-all. The subject of Kody Brown and his boys came up and he did not hold back.

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown

“[We’re] not good. Not talking. It’s like one of those relationships where we’ve gotta do a lot of work,” Kody shared. Though scenes were played from the season with Kody and his boys, he still maintains he did nothing wrong. He also still feels there was a huge lack of respect. “We need therapy. I need a sit-down with my boys and get something straight. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating. And I think they are too,” Kody added.

Do you think Kody was right with how he handled his kids or did he push it too far? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives: One on One Sunday on TLC.



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