‘Bachelor’ Sarah Herron Shows Off New Prosthetic Arm

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Bachelor alum Sarah Herron has had a heartbreaking year. Today she finally has something to be happy about. Thanks to technology she gets a whole new experience in life. Sarah finally has her new prosthetic arm and is showing it off to fans. Keep reading to see what Sarah shared with her followers.

Sarah Herron shows off new prosthetic arm

Bachelor alum Sarah Herron is finally able to use her new prosthetic arm. She has shared the process of getting her arm made. Some of the initial photos she started sharing over 20 weeks ago. It took longer to get the finished product because they had to work on getting the correct fit. Now that they have it right she gets to take it home and use it.

This isn’t the first prosthetic arm Sarah has had but definitely the most advanced. When she was a baby she had a hook arm. Then, when Sarah was around three she had a myoelectric arm. Now, it’s a whole new world for Sarah as she gets used to using her COVVI hand.

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Sarah shared a video on Instagram of her using her new arm and hand. She captioned the video with an explanation of what she will be able to do. She said, “Today I brought home my @covvi hand to finally start trying it out IRL! I brought it home once before, but the fitting of the socket wasn’t quite right so we had to adjust it. My arm stops right at the elbow bone, so it’s very very challenging for prosthetists to get a secure fit on my little arm because I don’t have a forearm to use as leverage inside of the frame. BUT! We got it figured out, and now I get to begin playing with the COVVI hand!”

Sarah went to say that she is practicing with light, soft, objects because she has to build up the muscles in her left arm. She said, “No champagne flutes just yet! The important thing I have to remember as I adjust to using a prosthetic again, is that this hand is not meant to magically do things that I couldn’t do or did with one hand previously, it’s supposed to make tasks easier—it’s a tool.”

Sarah gave an example of zipping up her jacket. She won’t be able to actually zip her jacket with her new hand but she can use her prosthetic to hold the bottom of the jacket while she uses her right hand to zip it.

She’s been grieving

Sarah and her fiance Dylan Brown have been grieving the loss of their for months. Oliver Brown was born prematurely and passed away. She speaks of him often to her followers and allows them along her journey as she copes with life without her son.

Fans love how open and honest Sarah is with her life. She shares her happy moments along with her struggles and has a lot of support from Bachelor Nation.

She’s an advocate for infertility as she has experienced it herself.

What do you think of Sarah getting her new arm finally?



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