‘Bachelor’ Sarah Herron Mourns Late Son On Due Date

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The Bachelor alum Sarah Herron continues to mourn the loss of her precious son as his due date arrived. She has shared her journey as a grieving mother since she had to say goodbye to her firstborn. Keep reading to find out her thoughts on him now that his due date has arrived.

Bachelor alum Sarah Herron mourns their late son on her due date

Sarah Herron went to Instagram to share an emotional post honoring her late son Oliver. He was born prematurely at 24 weeks and passed away shortly after birth.

Sarah has been open about her struggles with her fertility and about her journey with IVF. She and her fiance Dylan Brown were ecstatic to announce they were expecting in September. She shared it all with fans and once again shared their heartbreaking loss when the time came.

Sarah now hit her due date and continues to mourn Oliver while also honoring his memory. In her post, she shared numerous photos of her and Dylan holding Oliver after he was born. He was tiny but perfect. Sarah also shared a photo of his footprint along with ultrasound photos.

Sarah Herron via Instagram

Sarah began her heart-wrenching post by saying, “Happy Due Date, my sweet angel. Today is not a day that I could have prepared for. But my perfect son, through the sorrow and unbearable grief, you have given me a gift that words will not suffice. It is with my wisest knowing that our souls had a contract to fulfill with each other, and this is exactly the way it was supposed to be for us.”

She continued, “You needed parents who could hold this short life for you; safely and honorably. You chose me, not in spite of karma, but because of it. This wasn’t our first life together, and it surely will not be our last. Your clever spirit had a message to be shared and this was your chance to have it heard ‘round the world.”

Oliver Brown Instagram

How she and Dylan are doing

Sarah went on to say that she and Dylan are doing well and that Oliver has taught them to be stronger than they ever knew was possible. She shared she believes that everyone is not merely bodies but rather souls having human experiences.

Sarah also revealed that she has seen spiritual healers and gurus in order to try and learn more about her departed son. Now, she says everything hits differently.

Sarah said, “Your great grandma passed away just a few days ago, and for the second time this year, I had the honor of holding a loved one as they made the brave journey of leaving their body. We come into this world delicate, and leave just the same. I had to witness such courage and vulnerability to understand it.”

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Sarah shared a Michael J. Fox quote in answer to fans asking how she can remain so optimistic. She went on to say that she’s always been brave in life and she’s glad she has battle wounds and she’s given her all.

Sarah concluded by saying, “Today we weep and celebrate all that you have given our family; bravery, resiliency, courage, optimism, and hope. After a grueling, long, season of Wintering… you have given us Spring; a chance to begin again. See you again, sweet soul”

Sending healing and positive vibes to Sarah and Dylan as they continue to mourn the loss of their precious son Oliver.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sarah and all your favorite Bachelor Nation faves.



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  1. Sarah,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I also felt a personal connection with you from the first day you were on The Bachelorette. I too am an amputee, I am older than you. It has been hard being back in the dating World. I saw that when you were on the Show. I felt your pain because I have been rejected because of my hand also. I do believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. I pray I am not alone for the rest of my life. My marriage ended up being to an abusive and cheating husband.

    I pray that you will have a healthy baby to love.

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