UPtv’s ‘Lucky Hearts’ Stars ‘AI’ Alum Margie Mays, Alex Trumble

Lucky Hearts Margie Mays, Alex Trumble used with UPtv's permission

UPtv’s latest movie Lucky Hearts is about an unlucky-in love-family curse. Can you be lucky in everything but love?

This romcom stars American Idol alum, Margie Mays and Alex Trumble.

What Is UPtv’s Lucky Hearts About?

What do we know about the new UPtv romance? According to the network’s synopsis, Rosie Anne O’Brian is lucky in everything but love. She has an offbeat way of living her life. Many even call her happy-go-lucky. But, she suffers from the O’Brian curse. She is unlucky in love.

What makes her lucky is that she has a lot of great ideas, and is very creative. She knows how to look adorable and help others do the same. After years of playing around and testing her own beauty concoctions, she now owns her own grassroots makeup line.

Things have been going great. However, now this savvy entrepreneur is ready to scale. Rosie Anne is ready to bring her products to a larger audience.

Unlucky Hearts used with UPtv's permission
Unlucky Hearts used with UPtv’s permission

Therefore, she heads to a PR firm to help her improve how her product is marketed. There, Rosie Anne works with Simon, a very conventional guy. He is supposed to be the best, but she has her doubts. Unfortunately, from the beginning, the two butt heads.

Simon is the consummate professional who insists that his way of doing things will attract a wider audience. But, she worries that her own brand of quirky uniqueness will get buried by his changes. She is concerned about these changes that make her product look like everything else out there. She is determined to stand out.

At first, Simon is irritated by her specialness. She is unlike any other client he has ever dealt with. For one, she cannot have anything plain, or vanilla. Rosie Anne is the kind of woman who wants to use glitter, and embellishments and wants to stand out.

Pretty soon, he finds her personality, like her brand pretty fantastic. Soon, they start to connect. But, can the two of them find a way to fall in love, or is the O’Brian curse going to spoil Rosie Anne’s luck again?

Unlucky Hearts used with UPtv's permission
Unlucky Hearts used with UPtv’s permission

Who Stars In UPtv’s Lucky Hearts?

Starring in UPtv’s Lucky Hearts are Margie Mays (Call Me Kat), and Alex Trumble (The Wedding Wish).

Many American Idol fans will remember Margie Mays from Season 17, and Season 18. She had dated Jonny West during her 2020 stint in the singing competition. Although the singing couple was quite an item, they did break up later that year.

When Can You Watch Lucky Hearts?

Don’t miss the premiere of the romantic and fun romcom Lucky Hearts on Sunday, May 28, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

American Idol fans, will you be tuning into to UPtv’s Lucky Hearts on Sunday?

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