‘Bachelor’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Breaks Silence On True Sexual Identity

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The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is opening up and breaking her silence on her true sexual identity. What she had to say may shock a lot of fans. Keep reading to find out what Kaitlyn said on a podcast this week.

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is opening up about her sexuality

Kaitlyn Bristowe is one of the most loved Bachelorettes of all time. She appeared on the Out & About podcast where she spilled the tea that she is bisexual. One of the hosts noted he did not know that about her and she said she is but doesn’t really talk about it.

Kaitlyn was asked if producers on The Bachelorette knew she was bisexual when they cast her as a contestant and then the lead. She went on to explain that casting told her she had to be 100% honest on the psychological questionnaire. So, she was. Kaitlyn said there was a specific question that asked if she was into girls. She replied yes.

However, when she sat down for a three-hour interview with the psychologist, she was advised to not tell show producers that she was interested in both male and female partners. The psychologist said the show may try some way to spin that information if they knew.

Kaitlyn divulged the questionnaire she filled out contained 682 questions.

After her breakup with final rose winner Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn went on to meet and fall in love with Jason Tartick. The two are now engaged to be married.

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Other bombshells dropped by Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Bristowe also dropped some bombshells when asked interesting questions by the hosts. They asked her what was the last illegal thing she did. Kaitlyn replied, peeing in public. She reversed it and asked them the same thing. They said something about doing cocaine to which she replied she had tried it once.

Kaitlyn went on to divulge that she did try cocaine when she was around 18. However, she hated it and said it made her feel too anxious.

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The hilarious hosts continued to ask her crazy questions playing yes ma’am, no ma’am.  Each of them had to raise their paddle to indicate if they had or would do whatever the question was asking.

It was during these questions that Kaitlyn revealed she’s also a huge Justin Bieber fan.

Plus, she shared she recently had lip-flipping done. This procedure is to help make the lip plumper. It involved injecting Botox into the upper lip.

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The conversation led to talks about if Kaitlyn would ever have breast enhancement surgery. Kaitlyn has been known to have smaller breasts than most women on the show. However, as far as getting implants she said she would probably never go through with it and loves her breasts. She admitted they are her favorite part of her own body.

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