‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11: Will Cast Bankroll Bravo?

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It goes without saying that Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix with her former best friend Raquel Leviss was very good for both Vanderpump Rules and Bravo. It was the juicy kind of drama the Bravo series needed to get everyone talking. The question is: Could this be the opportunity that the Vanderpump Rules cast needs to bankroll Bravo for a serious payday in exchange for filming Season 11? Are Bravo and Evolution going to have to pay up to keep the drama rolling?

Vanderpump Rules Season 11: Will Cast Bankroll Bravo?

During his exclusive interview with Variety, executive producer Alex Baskin explains this isn’t a situation where the Vanderpump Rules cast holds all the cards and can take advantage of the drama from a financial standpoint. So, it doesn’t sound like there is a cause for concern that one of the cast members could be out simply because they want too much money to return for Season 11.

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The Bravo executive producer explains they have a pay scale in place that is used while the various cast members discuss the terms of their contracts. And, it sounds like this payscale will prevent the cast from using the drama to bankroll the network.

I think that the group knows that it isn’t like the ratings necessarily translate into — there aren’t riches on the other side, and there’s a sort of reality of the business

Alex Baskin continues to explain the Vanderpump Rules cast isn’t full of new players. These cast members understand that this explosive drama doesn’t translate until hefty pay increases because the network suddenly has tons of extra money sitting around collecting dust.

Casting For New Season Is On Hold

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, the Vanderpump Rules cast hasn’t started working out the terms of their contracts for the new season just yet. Alex Baskin explained (in the same interview) that a decision was made to put everything on hold and give the cast a break to collect themselves following the fallout from the affair.

Moreover, Alex Baskin suspects some members of the cast may feel differently about whether they want to return for Season 11 after they watch the Season 10 reunion. Alex has teased the one-on-one interviews brought up some new information no one knows about just yet. And Alex believes it is big enough to influence casting for next season.

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Did you think the Vanderpump Rules cast might try to bankroll production? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Vanderpump news.

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