Savannah Chrisley Rages: Angry Tirade, Who Julie Really Is

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Savannah Chrisley was seeing red this weekend as her heart filled with anger, hate, and rage. The reality TV star leveled with her followers that she understood she was 25 years old and very much an adult. It, however, was Mother’s Day weekend and her heart yearned for her mother, Julie.

Moreover, Savannah Chrisley reached a boiling point this weekend that caused her to go on an angry tirade setting the record straight about her mother, Julie. The reality TV star explained she’s been seeing all sorts of slanderous and toxic trash about her parents all over media headlines since they landed behind bars. And, she’s SICK of it.

So, filled with rage, anger, and hate, Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram on Mother’s Day to clear up some misconceptions about her mother. She wanted the world to know the truth about EXACTLY who her mother Julie Chrisley is.

Savannah Chrisley Rages: Angry Tirade, Who Julie Really Is

“I HATE IT! I’m angry!” Savannah Chrisley raged in an angry tirade on Instagram over the weekend. What was Todd and Julie Chrisley’s daughter so upset about? Sadly, it was something that most people enjoy. Firsts. To be more specific, the first time a person does something or experiences something. Unfortunately, Savannah Chrisley and her family were experiencing all sorts of firsts with Todd and Julie behind bars. And, it filled Savannah with a red-hot rage that she found herself fighting to keep under control on a daily basis.

Now, Savannah Chrisley did acknowledge she always seems to smile, laugh, and look happy for the cameras. She, however, explains how she’s able to do that. Turns out, she considers herself to be a master of compartmentalizing. And, her current situation with her parents has forced her to compartmentalize her feelings of rage and frustration.

What Savannah won’t stand for, however, is the way people have been dragging her mother’s name into the dirt. She wouldn’t stand for the misconceptions floating around about what kind of person her mother was. So, she proceeded to clear up a few things.

For those that have misconceptions of who JULIE CHRISLEY is… let me help you – SHE IS an OUTSTANDING mother, SHE IS and even more AMAZING wife, SHE IS an even better daughter, SHE IS one hell of a friend, SHE IS a woman of God, SHE IS a breast cancer survivor, SHE IS a mother to more than just the children she birthed, SHE IS loyal, SHE IS fierce, SHE IS… EVERYTHING that I hope to be.

Savannah Chrisley concluded her tirade by noting that she loved and missed her mother. In the comments, fans’ hearts broke as they could only imagine the pain she was suffering right now.

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  1. This girl’s fame is going down faster than the Titanic. The evidence against her parents is PUBLIC. All this little girl (she’s acting like one) is PROVING is that this family NEVER takes responsibility for their actions. When confronted with the truth, get outraged and throw a fit. She’s definitely daddy’s girl.

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