Julie Chrisley’s Mother’s Day Meal Menu Behind Bars Leaked

Julie Chrisley Youtube

Julie Chrisley will be celebrating Mother’s Day of 2023 behind bars and Chrisley Knows Best fans are wondering what is on the menu that day as far as her meals are concerned. Unsurprisingly, the disgraced reality TV mother’s meals for her special day will be a far cry from what she’s used to. Wondering what’s on the menu for her Mother’s Day meals? Keep reading for a breakdown.

Julie Chrisley’s Mother’s Day Meal Menu Behind Bars Leaked

Federal Medical Center in Kentucky (FMC Lexington) leaked the details of Julie Chrisley’s Mother’s Day menu behind bars to Radar Online. Turns out, Julie Chrisley and the other inmates will be enjoying brunch on Mother’s Day of 2023. The officials, however, did clarify the brunch shouldn’t be viewed as a special meal for Mother’s Day. It was just a coincidence that it ended up being served on that day as Mother’s Day is NOT a federal holiday.

For her Mother’s Day brunch, Julie Chrisley will enjoy over-brown potatoes, scrambled eggs, and French toast with syrup or whole wheat bread with jelly. For dinner on Mother’s Day this year, the inmates are being served tacos.

Julie Chrisley Youtube
Julie Chrisley Youtube

As far as the tacos are concerned, Julie can have beef tacos or she can opt for the vegan alternative soy taco instead. The tacos will include cilantro rice, black beans, and corn. Inmates also get shredded cheese and salsa. Sadly, these tacos won’t come with any fancy extras like sour cream or guacamole.

Her Children May Come For A Visit

Now, Julie Chrisley is suffering behind bars with very limited communication with her husband Todd via email. She has told her daughter pretty regularly that she misses her husband. Unfortunately, Todd and Julie won’t be able to see each other until she completes her stint. This is, of course, unless some miracle happens and an appeal overthrows her conviction.

Fans suspect Savannah will pack up Grayson and Chloe and travel to see Julie this weekend. She has previously revealed on her podcast that she travels to one parent every weekend. And, she admitted it feels like she has divorced parents as she’s forced to make a choice each weekend on which parent.

Julie Chrisley - Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Youtube

Chase Chrisley has been a little less chatty about his family. Though, he did open up a fair amount in a recent podcast he appeared on as a guest. Fans assume he may also travel to see his mother on Mother’s Day. Technically, Julie is Lindsie and Kyle’s stepmother. So, fans assume they will not be visiting this week. Moreover, fans aren’t sure Kyle has visited at all. And, Lindsie doesn’t appear to visit as often as Savannah does.

What are your thoughts on the Mother’s Day menu that Julie Chrisley will enjoy behind bars? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. I served 2 years at FMC Lexington. I have had a Mothers Day brunch and it isn’t all that special. It was at the time tho. You look forward to those holiday meals and they sometimes allow you to take back to your room to enjoy it with your bunkies. Actually the first I ever ate Turduckling was in prison. It was wrapped in foil and wasn’t awful. The food is very bland regardless the day.

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