‘Big Brother’ Monica Sirianni Dead At 37

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Tragic breaking news this morning for fans of the Big Brother franchise as Monica Sirianni has been confirmed dead at the age of 37. Has her cause of death been revealed? Plus, what did her time on Big Brother look like?

Big Brother Monica Sirianni Dead At 37

Per Mirror, news first broke early this morning on Twitter regarding Big Brother alum Monica Sirianni’s death at the tragically young age of 37. Italian media outlets confirm the reality TV star was enjoying a night on the town in Catanzaro with her friends on Friday when she suddenly got sick and collapsed.

Multiple outlets confirm Monica Sirianni was rushed to the hospital after becoming sick. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after being admitted to the hospital. A cause of death has yet to be made public. While it is unconfirmed at this time, doctors suspect Monica may have suffered a heart attack when she collapsed while clubbing with her friends.

Fans reacted to the news on Twitter admitting they were heartbroken as they remember Monica’s time on the show. Many fans took a moment to send thoughts and prayers to the family during this difficult time.

When Was She On Big Brother? 

Monica Sirianni was part of the Big Brother Italy cast. She was a houseguest for Season 12 of the series which aired between 2011 and 2012. Monica was a houseguest for approximately a month. She was just 25 years old when she entered the Big Brother house.

As fans recall, being in the Big Brother house created a bit of drama for Monica Sirianni. She was dating her boyfriend, Diego Bevilacqu, at the time. And, he grew incredibly frustrated as he watched Monica get her flirt on with Fabrizio Conti while playing the game.

While it is extremely common for houseguests to use flirting as a tactic (even if they are single) it appeared as if this was not a plan Monica worked out with her boyfriend back home before leaving to enter the house.

After leaving the house, Monica Sirianni ended up ending her relationship with Diego. Instead, she fanned the flame that sparked between her and Fabrizio in the house. Unfortunately, Moniac and Fabrizio’s romance didn’t last too long outside of the Big Brother house in the real world.

Rest in peace, Monica Sirianni.

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