‘Sister Wives’ Tony & Mykelti Padron Trading Marriage For Cash?

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Is Sister Wives couple Tony and Mykelti Padron trading their marriage for cash? It certainly appears that way with their latest move. The parents of three have been making money off of their Patreon. There, they spill secrets and answer questions about the plural family that Mykelti grew up in. However, they may be taking it too far this time by trying to monetize on a very special moment in their lives. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Tony & Mykelti Padron Trading Marriage For Cash?

Tony and Mykelti Padron balance each other very well. Initially, he was in the world of banking but then gave it up for a career in gaming. The biggest concern was if he would be able to provide for his family. Since becoming a mother of three, Mykelti has given Tony a lot of credit for being a stay-at-home father. As for work, Mykelti has been involved in MLMs for quite some time which she really seems to love. Then, she seemed to see how well her siblings were faring by exposing their family secrets.

Mykelti Padron/Sister Wives/Instagram
Her brother Paedon Brown was on TikTok and the podcast circuit spilling the beans about their father, Kody plus his siblings. Then, her sister, Gwendlyn Brown went on Patreon where she would answer questions from fans. On top of that, she started her own YouTube channel where she makes reaction videos to the Season 17 Sister Wives episodes. Fans love them and she has amassed over 100K followers. Tony and Mykelti Padron ended up going the Patreon route, chatting about her father’s first wife, Meri being abusive. There was a lot more that was discussed but it seems that they have decided to open their marriage up for cash.


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They took to Mykelti Padron’s Instagram to share big news. “Tony and I have been married just over 6 years. We’ve never seen the “wedding episode” since it’s first release. So Wednesday (5/10), on our Patreon, we’re watching it live. We’ll comment and answer questions. We’re quite excited about this!” Though this is a fun and sweet idea, in order to see this happen, people have to pay. More so, it seems like fans really liked this episode and the couple.

Fan Favorites

After Tony and Mykelti Padron announced they would be watching the wedding episode on Patreon, fans immediately commented. “One of favorite episodes! 👏 y’all had so many haters but you stuck to your guns and did what you guys wanted and it paid off! ❤️ looked like such a beautiful and fun wedding!” one wrote. Another added: “Best wedding ever on reality TV that I have seen yet , both you and tony are such a great down to earth couple. God bless you and your children ❤️.” This begs the question if people will pay up to watch them react.

Do you think that Tony and Mykelti Padron should be using their big day to cash in? Or, is it their special moment and they can do what they want? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. god what a bunch of self-absorbed jerks. no one gives a rip about this family and their idiocy. if someone DOES care, get a life.

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