Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new episode of Seeking Brother Husband on tonight? Fans were quite curious when TLC unveiled this new reality series. It seemed like it was about time that women got to have the same experiences as men like Kody Brown. However, it was met with mixed reviews and some uncertainties. So, where did it go and when will it be back? Read on for more details.

Whys Isn’t A New Episode Of Seeking Brother Husband On Tonight?

If you got used to Sundays with Seeking Brother Husband, it might have been a shock when it was not on the guide for this evening. In the last episode, Chara went to see the doctor to check how fertile she was. She really wants to have a baby but is unsure who the father will be. Soon enough, she shared the news that she was three weeks late so that was a shock. Ultimately, she was not pregnant but her new beau did move to Atlanta to be close to her. Kenya had a commitment ceremony to her longtime mate, Tiger, officiated by her husband, Carl.

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Additionally, their children were there and extremely supportive of what was going on. She said her past love, David who she had reconnected with, was unable to attend. Ultimately, she shared that she was seeing two other men along with Tiger and Carl and they were building a bigger home. Elisa and Mike were continuing to explore the poly lifestyle but kids still seemed to be a question. Mike was more open to the idea whereas Elisa just shut it down.

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Finally, Kim and Vinson had “the talk” and they came to the conclusion that he loved her and her family. However, he could not be part of a poly relationship which was fine. The hope was they could still be friends. After that, Kim and her husband, Dustin have not actively been looking for another partner. So, what’s next for Seeking Brother Husband? That was actually the season finale and yes, the season was short. So, when will the series return, and what will take its place?

When Will The Show Return?

As of now, Seeking Brother Husband has not been renewed or canceled. Yet, fans would like to see more from certain members of the cast but they are very divided. For now, a 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Pillow Talk episode will air in its place for one week. Then, Match Me Abroad will premiere the following week, starting May 14th.

Are you sad that the season is over? More so, would you like a second season and will you be watching Match Me Abroad? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and Pillow Talk Sundays on TLC.

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