Does The Cast Of ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Have Legal Unions?


Does the cast of Seeking Brother Husband have legal unions? There are four couples on the show and a few have referred to having more than one husband. Additionally, they add in the fact that they are actively seeking more men to add to their brother husband situation. Yet, can the women legally have all of these husbands? Read on for more details.

Does The Cast Of Seeking Brother Husband Have Legal Unions?

Some couples on Seeking Brother Husband are saying that they are looking for another husband. Or, someone like Kenya Stevens introduces Carl and Tiger as her husbands. Therefore, fans are wondering if they are actually able to get legally married. As viewers have seen on shows like Seeking Sister Wife and Sister Wives, there tends to be one legal spouse. The additional “wives” have always been of a spiritual nature. Take April, Nick, and Jennifer from Season 4 of SSW. Since they all could not legally be married, the women wed each other and then took Nick’s last name to complete the unification.

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Currently, the Seeking Brother Husband couples are still looking to complete their families. However, Kenya and her two men are looking to move forward. She is already married to Carl and has been for almost thirty years. More so, she is in a partnership with Tiger, who she also considers a husband. Tiger is adamant that they have a wedding ceremony though his partner does not see the purpose. Plus, his family won’t be in attendance. What kind of marriage ceremony can they have and is it legal? Does it flip when it is a woman seeking multiple husbands?

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According to Distractify, it is reaffirmed that marriage is only legal between two people. CBS News does acknowledge that 5% of Americans do engage in polyamorous relationships. Polyamory is when couples openly date multiple partners whereas polyandry is when a woman is seeking multiple husbands. It’s clearly a very blurry line as she can never legally have more than one husband just like a man can never have more than one wife. Hence why Kody and Christine Brown never had to have a legal divorce as their union was spiritual and recognized through the church.

Misleading Title?

Does this mean that Seeking Brother Husband is a misleading title for the show? Technically no. When Sister Wives first came out, the concept was that the women were also linked to each other. They fulfilled different needs within the family with only one woman being the legal wife. The same applies to this new show as each man feeds different aspects of the woman’s life. When Elisa was preparing to go out with Isaac, what drew her to him was that he was nothing like her husband, Mike.

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So, essentially, these women are taking a handful of men and bringing them together to make one perfect partner. Ultimately, the only legal unions are the marriages that they first had before they brought partners in. Mike is married to Elisa, Chara is married to Patrick, Kenya is married to Carl, and Kim is married to Dustin.

Were you pretty confident that these extra partnerships would never be legal? Let us know in the comments and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.


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