‘The Little Couple’ Fans Appalled By Jen Arnold’s Parenting Choice

Jen Arnold Instagram - The Little Couple

The Little Couple fans are appalled after learning about Jen Arnold‘s latest parenting choice. The mom of two shared a new post on social media, revealing a decision she made regarding her kids. She received quite a bit of backlash in response, despite fans typically agreeing with her decisions. So, what did Jen do, and what are fans saying? Keep reading to find out what’s going on.

The Little Couple fans typically appreciate Jen Arnold’s expertise.

Because she is a pediatrician and has quite a bit of experience with children and health, fans often trust Jen Arnold’s expertise. She’s even involved in a podcast where she answers parents’ commonly asked questions about their children.

On social media, she sometimes talks about parenting and the personal decisions she’s made when it comes to her kids, Will and Zoey.

Jen Arnold Instagram - The Little Couple
Jen Arnold Instagram – The Little Couple

Jen Arnold publicly shares her recent parenting choice.

Over the weekend, The Little Couple star took to Instagram to promote her son Will Klein’s new TikTok profile. She shared one of his videos and said, “Hey everyone, check out Will on TikTok.” 

Below, you can watch the video she shared.


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A post shared by Jennifer Arnold (@jenarnoldmd)

The Little Couple fans are appalled by her decision.

In the comments section of Jen’s new post, fans are calling her out for allowing her son on TikTok. Many fans seem to have an issue with the app. Most of the concerns seem to be about Will’s safety and privacy. But some didn’t specify why they feel Jen shouldn’t allow her son to use the app.

One The Little Couple viewer said:

“Tik tok??? I’m surprised you allow that?! I thought you were a pediatrician? Not very smart in my book, sorry but true…”

Below, you can see some of the other comments fans left on her post.

Jen Arnold Instagram - The Little Couple
Jen Arnold Instagram – The Little Couple

So far, Jen has not responded to fans’ concerns. However, some of her followers have replied to back her up. Someone said, “I’m pretty sure they don’t need parenting advice. I think they know what they’re doing.”

So, what do you think of Jen Arnold’s decision to let her son Will Klein use TikTok? Do you agree with the fans who are criticizing her? Or do you think they should keep their opinions to themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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