Kylie Jenner Puts Stormi, 5, In Serious Danger

Kylie Jenner & Stormi [Source: Kylie Jenner - TikTok]

Fans think Kylie Jenner put her five-year-old daughter Stormi in danger. They called her out for what they thought was an ignorant parenting move. Keep on reading to learn more and see for yourself.

What did Kylie Jenner do?

The 25-year-old received prompt backlash after she shared a clip of her daughter on social media. Many fans think Kylie Jenner put Stormi in danger by cooking with her. A while ago, she took to her TikTok account to share a clip of Stormi making breakfast. The little girl was on the floor with batter, which she poured into a pan from the bowl.

Stormi wanted to make pancakes for her famous mother. She stirred the pancake batter before placing it into the pan. Once she got it into the ideal consistency, Stormi scooped the batter and turned it into little mini pancakes in the skillet. Kylie Jenner cooked the pancakes on her stove inside her new $36 million mansion.

Kylie Jenner Holds Stormi [Source: Kylie Jenner - Instagram]
[Source: Kylie Jenner – Instagram]
Fans found out that she needs loans to lavish her lifestyle. TV Shows Ace previously reported the details on how Kylie really got that loan. Back to the TikTok video, which ended with Kylie holding a bowl of the tiny pancakes. Fans could see Stormi’s hand reaching for the bowl.

A Kardashian fan page shared the mother-daughter-moment on its Instagram account. However, fans didn’t think this was cute or sweet. They were more concerned about Kylie Jenner’s parenting. Many deemed the video dangerous because Stormi was around hot utensils.

Fans couldn’t help but talk about the dangers of cooking with kids in the kitchen. Some also noticed that Kylie uses Teflon pans, which could increase one’s risk of cancer, per WebMD. Yet, there were some fans who defended Kylie’s adorable moment with Stormi. They claimed that she was being a “good mother” who was teaching her young girl how to cook.

Stormi Webster Makes Pancakes [Source: Kylie Jenner - TikTok]
[Source: Kylie Jenner – TikTok]

Cooking with Stormi Webster

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves to cook with Stormi. She has shared many videos of the two in the kitchen before. Most of the time, they love to bake. Kylie previously filmed a video of Stormi with chocolate all over her face.

She was enjoying an ice cream sundae. The youngster ended up with chocolate all over her face and pajamas. Kylie Jenner called her daughter out for being so messy. She couldn’t believe that Stormi “tried to fit her head inside the glass.”

She also was concerned about her daughter. Kylie sternly warned Stormi that she was going to hurt herself. It seems like she does care about her daughter’s well-being despite what fans think. Do you think Kylie Jenner put Stormi in danger? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. What is wring with Stormi learning how to cook with her mother just as long as her mother is there keeping a close eye on her i can remember my Granddaughter asking me Nana can i help u cook my mama lets me my granddaughter helped me make pancakes and helped me make scrambled eggs i dont see nothing wring with it now me and my grandbaby when i go visit her wich she lives 13 hours away from me so we do alot of baking together

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