Should Meri Brown Replace Kody With Josh Seiter?

Meri Brown, Kody Brown, and Josh Seiter from Instagram and YouTube. Sister Wives, TLC

Now that Kody and Meri Brown are officially over, it’s possible the Sister Wives star is hoping to move on with someone new. After all, Christine managed to get her happily ever after with David Woolley. There’s no reason that Meri can’t do the same.

Former Bachelorette star Josh Seiter has been known to shoot his shot with reality TV women. After sliding into Meri’s comments section, some fans think she might as well give him a chance. Kody Brown didn’t treat her well during their marriage — perhaps Josh could do a better job.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the situation.

Will Meri Brown find happiness with someone new?

Sister Wives fans that follow Meri Brown online know that she’s the queen of cryptic posts. Over time, her followers have realized that Meri is more comfortable expressing her innermost thoughts and feelings through vague posts and inspirational quotes.

Although it’s a bit unconventional, her biggest supporters understand. Growing up in such a strict, rigorous environment would definitely make it hard for Meri to share her true feelings, even as an adult.

Meri Brown from Instagram, TLC, Sister Wives
Meri Brown/Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, the TLC star wrote about how people need to chase after their dreams if they really want to see them fulfilled.

“Let me tell you a secret…. The version of you that you are right now is why you have what you have,” Meri wrote. “If you want something different, you need to do something different, and become someone different. The big dreams you have will require a new and improved version of yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. Do something daily that will move you closer to your dreams and goals. You’re worthy of achieving it!”

Josh slyly commented, “Amen. I absolutely love your eyes.”

Meri Brown from Instagram, TLC, Sister Wives
Meri Brown/Instagram

Meri Brown always wanted a happy, loving family. Now that Kody is out of her life, she’s free to explore other options. Could Josh Seiter give her what she truly wants?

It doesn’t seem likely the Sister Wives star will accept Josh Seiter as a suitor

As TV Shows Ace previously shared, Josh Seiter has already tried to flirt with Meri Brown. He wrote “Cutie” on one of her Instagram photos. Meri didn’t respond to the comment, so it’s possible that she might be aware of Josh’s ways. After spending multiple decades as a plural wife, Meri Brown probably isn’t very interested in men with wandering eyes.

No one can say for sure if the TLC star would be willing to take a chance on Josh Seiter, but it seems likely she’ll find a new man on her own terms. Meri’s fans and followers hope she will be able to find happiness with someone new in time.

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