‘Bringing Up Bates’ See Alyssa Bates’ Bittersweet Update On Rhett

Alyssa Bates Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates Webster is giving fans a bittersweet update on her baby boy, Rhett. The mom of five documented a big milestone for the little guy and revealed what changes they have been experiencing. So, what’s new with the baby, and how is it all making Alyssa feel? Keep reading to get all of the details.

The former Bringing Up Bates stars welcome their last baby.

In March, John and Alyssa welcomed their fifth child to the world. Throughout Alyssa’s pregnancy, she was open about Rhett likely being her last child. Her pregnancies have become progressively more difficult. And with so many little ones at home, it can be challenging to make it through the day while feeling so sick.

With Rhett likely being the last baby, there are many emotions popping up as he grows and reaches milestones.

Alyssa Bates Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Bates Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

Alyssa Bates shares a bittersweet update on her little one.

On Instagram this week, Alyssa shared a series of adorable photos of her growing baby boy. She revealed that he is officially one month old! She took several photos of him at home and posed him next to a sign to show how old he is. For the photo shoot, the baby wore anchor-printed khaki pants and suspenders.

In her caption, Alyssa pointed out his many chins and asked if fans have “seen anything cuter.”

Then, she opened up about how she’s feeling about how fast he’s grown so far. The mom of five said, “I’m a little emotional 😭 It’s bittersweet but this little man in these suspenders…. I can’t!”

Alyssa Bates Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Bates Instagram – Bringing Up Bates


You can check out Alyssa’s full post here.

Bringing Up Bates fans dote on the growing baby boy.

Fans, friends, and family members are flooding the comments section with sweet words about Baby Rhett. Of course, everyone agrees that Rhett is too cute. Many are trying to figure out which of his sisters he looks like. Some notice similarities between him and Lexi, while others think he looks more like Allie.

Alyssa’s mom, Kelly Jo Bates, said, “These are absolutely the most adorable photos ever😍😍” Lawson Bates’ wife Tiffany wished Rhett a “happy one month.” 

It looks like one Bringing Up Bates fan can relate to Alyssa feeling so emotional. They said, “I feel like everything goes faster when you know it’s your last round of firsts. So bittersweet.”

So, what do you think of this update about Alyssa Bates’ son, Rhett? Can you believe how much he’s grown? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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