‘Pump Rules’ Did James Kennedy & Ally Lewber Stay Together?

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Is James Kennedy still with his Raquel Leviss-rebound love, Ally Lewber? It seemed like the DJ was testing the limits with his new lady friend lately on Vanderpump Rules. So, did it catch up to the duo and cause them to break up? Read on for more details.

Did James Kennedy & Ally Lewber Stay Together?

James Kennedy was with Raquel Leviss since Season 5. In Season 9, he proposed to the former pageant girl with the help of good friend, Tom Sandoval. Then, at the beginning of that season’s reunion, the couple announced that they had called it quits. By the time Season 10 began, James introduced his new girlfriend, Ally Lewber. They had met when she was taken to see him perform with one of her friends. She moved in rather quickly and it seemed more like a rebound romance than anything.

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However, James Kennedy called Ally the love of his life despite having said this about Raquel Leviss. The one thing that was hard about James and Ally was that James had started to drink again. When he was with Raquel, she had given him an ultimatum to either quit drinking or she would leave him. He had stopped for two years but then started again which is something Ally admitted she is not fond of. She also has an issue with him seemingly talking about Raquel all of the time. Ally believes that was why he was adamant that she attend Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding ceremony not just come to Mexico.

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Despite all of this drama, did the couple manage to stay together? According to Distractify, the couple seems to be going strong. Just a few days ago, James Kennedy shared a reel of the couple’s exotic vacation. They seemed to have a blast so it appears that they are still happily in love, one year later. As for how they will appear together on the show or what will happen at the reunion, that is still yet to be seen. Fortunately, most of the focus will be on James’ ex, Raquel.

A Lot In The Background

James Kennedy was visibly heated when he learned that Raquel had been having an affair with Tom Sandoval for months. Not only was this his ex-fiancee but she was doing it with one of his best friends. It was a little bit too close for comfort. Along with co-star and good friend, Lala Kent, James Kennedy told fans to boycott Sandoval’s show that was happening as the news broke. The two also apparently went very hard at Raquel and Tom during the Season 10 reunion.

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Yet, they also have some stuff to answer as Lala admitted that she and James hooked up right at the beginning of his romance with Raquel. She was newly dating her now ex-fiance, Randall Emmett. However, Raquel had said she did not consider them actually in a real relationship until they moved in together and Lala was drinking. Therefore, now that Kent is sober, she is taking responsibility for her actions and owning them. She even shut James down when he asked if he should propose to Ally.

Are you shocked that James Kennedy and Ally Lewber are still together? Do you think he has found his perfect match? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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