Demi Rose Drops To Her Knees In Golden Earthy Dress

Demi Rose Flaunts It In Bikini [Source: Demi Rose - Instagram]

Demi Rose dropped to her knees in a golden earthy dress. The model celebrated her 28th birthday in a big way. She transformed herself into a goddess. Keep on reading to learn more.

Demi Rose gives off major goddess vibes

On Monday, March 27, Demi Rose turned 28th. She called her her 28th day on earth. So, she transformed herself into Mother Nature. Demi celebrated in a big way by posting a series of special shots on her Instagram feed.

Demi Rose Glammed Up In White Bra [Source: Demi Rose - Instagram]
[Source: Demi Rose – Instagram]
The first one featured the influencer standing proudly in a gold earth dress that featured a bustier and whimsical skirt. It featured ornate and intricate details. Demi fascinated a white flower to her bust. Her light brown hair was adorned by a massive gold halo crown.

Demi Rose posed with her hands on her hips. She stared at her reflection, and rightfully so. She looks very much like a goddess in the shot. You could also see the green trees glistening against the blue sky.

Demi Rose Flashes Cleavage In Sheer Bra [Source: Demi Rose - Instagram]
[Source: Demi Rose – Instagram]
The next shot showed the beauty standing in the delicate gold dress. It featured branches, flowers, and metallic fabric. She stood in front of her backyard, which had palm trees, green grass, and mountains in the background. The clear blue sky and sunlight provided just the right amount of lighting for the photoshoot.

Demi Rose brought the shoot indoors. This time, she posed in a room that featured white walls and wood doors. Demi stood in front of a ceiling ordained with gold elements. The room behind her gave a glimpse into the outdoors.

In the fourth shot, Demi hugged her friend Bethany Lily April, who also wore a gold strapless gown. She held her tenderly in front of a group of trees. You could also see touches of green grass and the sky behind them. In the second to last shot, Demi posed in front of cement steps, which led into the white and brick house.

Tyga’s rumored ex-girlfriend into Mother Nature

She dropped to her knees and petted a black cat that rolled around on the grass. There was a green bush to her left and white flowers to her right. You could also see the palm trees on either side of the entrance to the house. In the final shot, Demi Rose posed with her other friend Victoria, who wore a white semi-nude gown and a pink floral crown.

They stood in front of palm trees, which led to the beautiful clear blue waters. Demi threw a party for her birthday. “28 🤍Happy Earth day to me! I had the most heavenly day. I am so grateful for the person I have became, for all the love and support in my life. 👼🏽✨,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans flocked to the comment section to wish her a happy birthday. Some echoed the same comments that she looked “gorgeous” and “beautiful.” Others couldn’t stop talking about her beautiful friends. What are your thoughts on Demi Rose dropping to her knees in the golden earthy dress? Sound off below in the comment section.

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