‘GMA’: Michael Strahan Missing From Monday Morning’s Show

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Good Morning America (GMA) was missing Michael Strahan during Monday morning’s episode and viewers at home are wondering what happened to him. Where is he and why was he missing?

GMA: Michael Strahan missing from Monday’s show

Those who tuned into Good Morning America this morning realized 51-year-old Michael Strahan was missing. As those who catch every episode of the show know, his co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos were both missing from Friday’s show. So, perhaps, it was his turn to enjoy a three-day weekend. Did he give a reason for his absence from the show?

Michael Strahan & George Stephanpoulos [GMA | YouTube]

The beginning of the episode kicked off with both Robin and George back in their usual spots. Their co-host Michael Strahan, however, was nowhere to be found. It appeared as if Rebecca Jarvis (an ABC news correspondent) had been asked to fill in for the former NFL player. Sadly, neither Robin Roberts nor George Stephanopoulos clued viewers in as to why Michael was missing. He was simply gone.

It was no secret why George Stephanopoulos was missing from the show last week. He openly told everyone he was busy enjoying vacation with his family. So, he took a little time off.

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopoulos on GMA - YouTube/Good Morning America

He’s gearing up for a busy schedule

As those who follow news related to the GMA host knows, Michael Strahan is gearing up to have a pretty packed schedule. He just announced on Friday that he would be returning to host the ABC game show The $100,000 Pyramid. The announcement came with a tease that the game show would be back in just a few months with new episodes. The announcement confirmed July 9th as the premiere date for new episodes.

Naturally, GMA viewers wonder if they will see more absences from Michael Strahan as he doubles as a host on GMA and a host for the ABC game show.

This exciting addition to his schedule follows just behind Michael shocking everyone by revealing that he manages to squeeze a nap into his everyday schedule because of how hectic his work life is.

The news also confirmed that those without cable would be able to stream new episodes of the ABC game show via Hulu the day after the episodes air on television.

Why do you think Michael Strahan was missing from GMA today? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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