Brandi Passante Puts Creepy Instagram Messages On Blast

Storage Wars Brandi Passante Ends Up With IV, What Happened? [Happening Now With Hammer | YouTube]

For some women on the internet, no matter how much they cover up, someone will still find a reason to send them something creepy or unsolicited. Brandi Passante is opening up about that a little bit in a recent Instagram story. It seems that the Storage Wars star is over some people sliding into her DMs.

Brandi Passante calls people out

Just the other day, Storage Wars star Brandi Passante posted a nice photo of herself with the Happening Now With Hammer podcast – which she is a part of. In the photo, she is totally covered up and looks more normal than ever before. Her outfit includes a simple, long-sleeve blue shirt with white polka dots. Her blonde hair is long and straight as she smiles for the camera.

Brandi Passante | Instagram Story

However, just after that, Brandi shared some messages she gets in her DMs on Instagram. Needless to say, it seems that she gets a lot of unwanted messages from strangers on the internet.

She shared a few different screenshots, both including some pretty inappropriate messages from strangers. Obviously, she didn’t accept the messages. However, she is still able to view them from her profile. In one screenshot, the person even goes as far as to send her an inappropriate nude photo.

Brandi Passante | Instagram Story

Brandi writes “Thanks for the unsolicited d*c pics,” across the screenshot. She doesn’t blur out the names of any of the users that message her so fans are able to block and report them as they see fit. It seems that posting these screenshots is almost a threat to anyone else who wants to send her inappropriate messages. Understandably so, it seems that Brandi is getting a bit frustrated with messages like these.

How tall is she?

In another recent post made by Brandi, some fans started questioning her looks…however, this time, it’s all about her height. She posted another photo of herself and her podcast co-hosts together showing off her cleavage. However, that’s not what fans are noticing this time. Instead, they are talking about how much shorter she is than her co-hosts. Everyone let her know just how they felt in the comments section.

  • “I didn’t know you were only 4ft 2.”
  • “Smurfin.”
  • “Brandi, where’d ya go?!!!😂😂😂”
  • “God damn she is so cute.”

Brandi Passante & Happening Now With Hammer Guys [Source: Brandi Passante | Instagram]
[Source: Brandi Passante | Instagram]
Do you understand why Brandi Passante posted the photos on her Instagram? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for all the news on your favorite reality TV stars and Instagram models.

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