Brandi Passante Gives BTS Glimpse At ‘Storage Wars’

Brandi Passante Gives BTS Glimpse At Storage Wars [YouTube]

Brandi Passante gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Storage Wars. Keep in mind that this is just a sneak peek. It should give fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming season. Read on to learn more and to see the photos for yourself.

Details on Storage Wars Season 15

Fans are wondering if A&E announced the premiere date for Season 15. The fourteenth season premiered in March 2022. However, fans can’t get enough and are ready for a whole new season.

Brandi Passante isn’t the only one who’s teased about Season 15. Fellow co-star and hottie Casey Nezhoda also confirmed the news that the show is coming back. The bidding show first made its debut in 2010. It’s still ruling the network after 22 years. However, most of the original cast members are no longer on the show.

Brandi Passante Films In Tight Jeans & Cleavage Baring Top [YouTube]
Barry Weiss previously left the show and returned in Season 14. Per Reality Tidbit, Casey confirmed on social media that the new season started filming. Storage Wars fans are dying to hear more news, including the premiere date.

It all started in March when Brandi Passante and Rene Nezhoda shared a video on Facebook that the show started filming once again. The new season started filming in the first week of May. Casey let the news slip on Twitter. She thanked her fellow cast members for working on future episodes.

Brandi Passante returning for another season

Fan favorite Brandi Passante is ready for another season of Storage Wars. She will return alongside her new partner Bozek. Dave Hester returned to the previous episode and wants to come back for future episodes.

Also, Casey and Rene Nezhoda will be back. However, the other cast members haven’t revealed if they filmed the upcoming season. One cast member who was noticeably missing was Jarrod Shulz. He left the show during Season 14, at the height of his split from Brandi Passante.

Busty Brandi Passante On Storage Wars [YouTube]

BTS look at Storage Wars Season 15

Over the weekend, Brandi Passante took to her Instagram Story to give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the new season. She snapped a photo of the back of a silver Jaguar F-Type with its top down. She tagged A&E and Original Productions, hinting at the new season. Then, she followed up with a selfie of herself with Kenny Crosley and Laura Dotson.

All three of them wore masks to protect themselves from the ongoing pandemic. Brandi didn’t include any other context to her latest Instagram posts. She included the song, “Have You Ever Seen Storage Wars” by Jawn Mayer in the post. Fans are excited to get an update, even if it’s not much.

Brandi Passante's BTS Storage Wars [Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Season 15 of Storage Wars? Who would you like to see back? Are you glad that Brandi Passante is still on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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