‘LPBW’ Fans Show Major Concern For Audrey Roloff’s Health

Audrey Roloff - Instagram - LPBW

LPBW (Little People, Big Worldfans are showing major concern for Audrey Roloff”s health after seeing a recent photo of her. She has many of her followers asking if she’s okay and if something serious might be going on behind the scenes. Scroll down to check out the photo and see why it’s raising so many questions about her well-being.

Audrey Roloff shows off her healthy lifestyle.

If you follow Audrey on social media, you may know that she often boasts about her healthy, organic lifestyle. She sells essential oils and promotes other wellness products. She also describes herself as “crunchy” to explain her healthy “granola” type diet and lifestyle.

In high school, she was a runner and works out often to this day, as shown on her Instagram page. Despite Audrey seemingly living a healthy lifestyle, fans are beginning to worry about her.

Audrey Roloff - YouTube - LPBW
Audrey Roloff – YouTube – LPBW

LPBW fans express concerns for her health.

On Redditfans recently posted a screenshot from Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Stories. In the snap, the mom of three is working out in her living room. She wrote, “Fit it in when ya can where ya can.” Behind her, her three-year-old son Bode is playing with the fire, while her one-year-old son Radley is playing in front of her.

The former LPBW star wore a black tank top with a pair of nude leggings.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram - LPBW - Bode Roloff
Audrey Roloff – Instagram – LPBW – Bode Roloff

After seeing this snap, LPBW fans on Reddit discussed Audrey’s appearance, and many feel that she looks especially thin these days. Some fear that she might be dealing with an eating disorder, unfortunately. They noticed that she seems to be working out quite often lately and that she’s also showing off her fit body in revealing and form-fitting clothing.

Someone commented, “I would agree that she has E.D tendencies, and she does not look attractive or healthy here.”

They added, “It actually looks like she’s shrinking and depressing into herself. I felt that way after I stopped breastfeeding. I also developed hypothyroidism after I stopped breastfeeding as well.”

One fan speculated, “She has an eating disorder and is addicted to the attention.”

Ultimately, there’s no way for LPBW fans to know for sure whether something is actually going on with Audrey Roloff’s health. Hopefully, fans are concerned for no reason.

So, are you also concerned for Audrey Roloff’s health and well-being? Do you think she might be struggling with an eating disorder or another issue? Or do you think fans are worried for no reason? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW stars.

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