Katie Bates Slammed For Humiliating Baby Hailey To Make A Buck

Katie Bates - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates Clark is being slammed online for humiliating her baby girl, Hailey, in order to make a buck. Fans feel that Katie shouldn’t have shared this embarrassing moment and that she is taking things too far. Is she desperate to make some cash online? What are fans saying? Keep reading for all of the details.

If you follow Katie on social media, you may know that she uses her platform to make an income. Because she has so many Instagram followers, she has the opportunity to promote products and make a commission on sales. In the past, fans have called her out for constantly posting ads. But her latest post has left fans especially upset.

Katie Bates - YouTube
Katie Bates – YouTube

Katie Bates Clark makes a buck at Hailey’s expense.

On her Instagram Stories on Wednesday morning, Katie shared a couple of new snaps from the laundry room at Carlin Bates Stewart’s house. Katie, Travis, and their one-month-old baby Hailey are currently in Tennessee visiting the Bates family. They’re staying with the Stewarts while they’re in town.

Katie took a moment to promote a stain removal product that Carlin uses. To demonstrate how it works, the new mama posted a snap of her daughter’s poop-stained outfit. Then, she posted what it looked like after using the stain remover. Before wrapping up the Stories, the Bringing Up Bates star shared that the product is available on Amazon and made it clear that this was an ad.

Katie Bates - Instagram
Katie Bates – Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans slam the new mom.

On Redditfans are not responding well to Katie Bates’ new post and they feel that this content is humiliating. Someone said, “It’s already bad enough that these kids are posted every day since their first breath. At least give them a little privacy regarding their digestion.”

Several fans agree that there are other ways to promote this product. A different stain could have been used to demonstrate how the product works.

One Bringing Up Bates fan admitted, “It’s an invasion of privacy for the child who did not consent to that.”  Another Reddit user wondered how Katie Bates Clark might feel if her own stains were posted on social media without her consent.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time that a Bringing Up Bates family member has shared content like this, and unfortunately, it won’t be the last.

So, do you think that Katie Bates Clark humiliated Baby Hailey by posting this content? Does it surprise you that she’s using a moment like this to make a buck? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

Katie posted a "baby blowout cleaning" story to shill a product this morning (poop emoji used to conceal actual stain featured in video)
by u/Proof-Ingenuity2262 in BringingUpBates

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  1. I don’t think Katie’s presentation was about the baby. She was talking about the stain. She was selling a product.
    Give her a break! A good product.

  2. I think the people that have a problem with this are seriously pathetic!! They need to find something better to do with their lives. She is an infant for crying out loud!! Babies poop hello everyone knows this.. geez people grow the heck up and stop placing your victim mentality on everyone else!

  3. please… baby’s are used in other commercials to hock products from tires to food. Are you people so bored with your own lives that you have to assume and presume and then appropriate the “humiliation” of a BABY?! That baby isn’t old enough to understand the complexities of YOUR hang-ups. Every young mom deals with destroyed outfits because their baby ruined it with a blow-out. I think if a young mom finds a products that works well enough to remove a poop stain then she HAS to share it with others. She did nothing wrong. NEWSFLASH…Everyone poops. Its a normal body function. Having the right tools to clean up after is a good thing.
    You should all find another hobby. Unfollow the young mom so you wont get your emotions all twisted up.

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