Is Katie Bates Really Using Products She Constantly Shills Online?

Katie Bates - Instagram

Is Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates really using all of the products she’s constantly shilling online? Fans are curious to know whether her promotional content is actually genuine or if she’s faking it to make a little extra cash. Now, she’s setting the record straight about how these sponsorships work. Scroll down to see how she responded to fans’ questions.

The former Bringing Up Bates star pushes products on social media.

If you follow Katie and her sisters on social media, you may know that they frequently push products to fans. They all have a decent number of Instagram followers, so some brands like working with them to get the word out about their companies.

When Katie Bates partners with companies, they may send her free products and pay her to promote the item to her Instagram followers. She is also given promotional codes to share in some cases, which is one way to motivate fans to make a purchase.

Katie Bates - Instagram

In the past, fans have shared their concerns about Katie Bates’ constant shilling. Sometimes, she only posts on social media when she has something to sell, which fans think is tacky. Her followers have also questioned how genuine her ads are.

Now, the former UPtv star is ready to set the record straight.

Does Katie Bates actually use the products she shills online?

In a new YouTube video, Katie and her husband Travis Clark addressed the assumptions fans have about them. One fan submitted an assumption that read, “You don’t use everything you promote.”

In response, Katie Bates explained, “Actually, I try out all of the products before I promote them to make sure it is something that I do use. A lot of times brands will reach out to me and I don’t work with them if it’s not a product that I actually use.”

Katie Bates - YouTube

Travis said that his wife is “picky” when it comes to social media promotions. Then, Katie added that she likes getting deals for her followers too. So, it sounds like she tries to be honest and authentic when choosing brands to work with.

So, do you think that Katie Bates is being truthful and that she actually uses the products she shills online? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news. You can check out Katie and Travis’ newest YouTube video below.

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