Adam Busby’s Epic Poop Prank On Quints Goes Horribly Wrong

Adam Busby - YouTube

Because Adam Busby jetted off to Nepal, he didn’t have time to edit and throw together a new video with fresh footage of his family for YouTube. He, however, is committed to uploading at least one video a week for fans. And, he tries not to let family trips steer him away from doing that.

Adam Busby - YouTube
Adam Busby – YouTube

Why is the footage so old?

Adam explained that because he just returned from his trip to Nepal, he decided to thumb through some old footage to see if he could find something to use. He admitted he was working on another project at the time when he stumbled on the epic poop prank that he hit the quints with when they were just three.

Adam Busby proceeded to explain he never shared this epic poop prank with fans because he considered it to be a failure. He only really got to prank one (possibly two) of the quints. Looking back at the footage now, he realizes this epic poop prank is exactly the kind of thing fans of OutDaughtered want to see. They want to see how doing a prank trend when you have five kids that are the same age works.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

So, he decided to move forward with sharing the footage. And, at the end of the video, he asked if they thought it was a failure or a success.

Adam Busby’s epic poop prank goes horribly wrong

As those who watch shorts on YouTube or videos on TikTok know, there is a poop prank trend that has gone around more than a few times. It involves the parent (or spouse) asking for toilet paper and smearing a substance that looks like poop on the other person’s hand. Adam decided to try it on his quints and it spiraled horribly out of control. After yelling for Olivia several times it was actually Parker who came to check on dada first.

By the end of the video, chaos unfolds as Riley is the second to get pranked before proceeding to make sure everyone knows Adam has peanut butter in the bathroom.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

Danielle Busby later comes into the bathroom and clues Adam in on the fact that Parker immediately ran upstairs and told everyone what was going on. So, Adam was never pranking anyone after Parker.

Initially considering the prank a fail, he later realized the video was a perfect example of how different things are for someone with quints.

Check out the wild video down below:

What did you think of his epic poop prank? Was it a success or a failure?

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