Chase Chrisley Takes On Daddy Role With Fiance

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Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders got to experience what it would be like if they had a daughter of their own for a few days as they took in his precious niece, Chloe. With Savannah Chrisley jetting off on a podcast tour for a week, she needed someone she trusted to step in and take care of Chloe.

Turns out, Chase Chrisley and his future wife, Emmy Medders, were happy to step in and help. Both Chase and Emmy shared precious photos of their time with Chloe on their Instagram Stories.

Chase Chrisley & Emmy Medders [Source: Instagram]
[Source: Instagram]

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders experience parenthood with Chloe

Chase Chrisley and his future wife Emmy Medders got a sampling of what parenthood will be like as they stepped in to take care of Chloe while Savannah jetted off on a podcast tour.

During her appearance on Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Savannah shares that people called her “irresponsible” for jetting off for a brief period of time because she left Chloe behind. Savannah pointed out that she made sure someone was available to care for Chloe in her absence while she enjoyed the first little window of time she had had to herself since her parents surrendered themselves to prison.

Chase Chrisley revealed he was having a sleepover with his little sister as he shared a video clip of them curled up in a bed together. Emmy shared a photo of her enjoying a sleepover with Chase and Chloe on her Instagram Stories. The two were curled up in bed with a giant bowl of popcorn as they presumably settled in to enjoy a movie together.

Emmy Medders - Instagram Stories
Emmy Medders – Instagram Stories

In Chase’s video, he asked Chloe what they were going to do. Chloe responded complaining that the dog left them. Chase shrugged it off unbothered. As fans know, Chloe has always wanted a dog though the idea constantly gets shut down by Todd. Chloe Chrisley did propose getting a dog to her sister Savannah recently hoping that she could get one with Todd out of the picture.

The next day, Emmy revealed that she was having a “girls’ day” with Chloe. Turns out, one of Emmy’s friends even sweetly gifted her a little bit of cash that she was encouraged to put toward having a nice “girls’ day” with Chloe.

Emmy Medders - Instagram
Emmy Medders – Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best fans adore Emmy and think she’s great for Chase. So, they were happy to see the couple spending some time with Chloe. And, fans were happy to know that Savannah had extra support if she needed a break from being a parent.

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