Is Justin Bieber Alright?

Justin Bieber Wears Blue Hoodie [Source: Justin Bieber - Instagram]

Justin Bieber has fans concerned about him. Ever since he’s shown support for his wife, they’re not convinced. They think Hailey took his phone. Others claim she hacked into his Instagram account. Once again, he sparked concern among fans. Keep on reading to learn more.

Justin Bieber sparks concern once again

On Tuesday, March 13, Justin Bieber sparked concern with his latest Instagram post. He’s been posting up a storm and expressing love for his wife Hailey. The Canadian pop star has shown his support for her amid her ongoing feud with Selena Gomez. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, his famous ex-girlfriend shared two new sultry selfies of herself showing off her cleavage in a black sports bra.

Justin Bieber & Hailey [Source: Justin Bieber - Instagram]
[Source: Justin Bieber – Instagram]
Selena also rocked a makeup-free look. Fans couldn’t stop buzzing about the photos. Meanwhile, Justin is busy posting about his model wife. Just a couple of hours ago, he shared another photo from Vanity Fair’s Oscar After-Party. The photo shows him and Hailey nuzzling one another.

The Kardashian BFF looks like she’s leaning in for a kiss. Justin grabs her chin and pulls her closer to him. The two were busy canoodling at the event. The “Yummy” singer didn’t provide any context for the photo. He only credited photographer Mark Seliger.

However, fans have their own theories. They still believe that Hailey got a hold of his phone and won’t give it back. Other fans are wondering if Justin Bieber is doing okay because this isn’t like him to share so many photos of the two together. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “JB is in danger and he’s using pictures to communicate.”
  • “Yes, his [sic] angry with hater disrespect his marriage and his wife.”
  • “Yeah, you need help I’m calling the police.”
  • “Guys, relax, hopefully he’ll get his phone back in a bit.”
  • “Super forced.”
  • “This just seems so forced, side eye.”

Hailey’s hubby looked tortured at Oscar’s After-Party

Justin Bieber fans are probably reading into the split rumors. Insiders told Page Six that he looked tortured at the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party. His reaction happened before he met Hailey. Selena skipped the award ceremony and spent a quiet night at home.

One source told Page Six: “[Justin] came in a back entrance and met Hailey inside,” while another added that “Justin did not look well. He was hunched over and wearing a blanket.”

Justin Bieber's Comment Section [Screenshot: Instagram]
[Screenshot: Instagram]
Some claimed that he looked “tormented” and “weird.” Justin Bieber wore a blue and white knitted blanket over a plain suit. Meanwhile, Hailey walked the champagne-colored carpet solo in a custom black Saint Laurent dress that featured asymmetrical sleeves. She also rocked her new bob hairstyle.

What are your thoughts on the concern surrounding Justin Bieber? Do you think he’s alright? Or, do you think he’s really in love with Hailey? Sound off below in the comment section.

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