Blac Chyna Breaks Silence On Drastic Body & Mind Transformation

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Blac Chyna broke her silence on her drastic body and mind transformation. This comes after she took her followers into her plastic surgery journey on Instagram. The former video vixen removed her breast implants and butt fillers. Keep on reading to learn why she made this decision.

Former reality star talks about her plastic surgery removal

Blac Chyna shocked fans when she invited them into the plastic surgeon’s office. She didn’t want to get more plastic surgery. The model wanted to undo the work she had done. The former reality star talked about “one of the best decisions” she’s ever made in her life.

Blac Chyna Teases Cleavage [Source: Blac Chyna - Instagram]
[Source: Blac Chyna – Instagram]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Chyna filmed her entire journey. You can check it out in four parts on her Instagram page. The OnlyFans content creator underwent surgery to remove her breast implants and buttocks. She wants to change her ways, including how she looks.

“As y’all know, I’ve been changing my life and changing my ways so one of the things I think is going to take me to the next level is obviously taking some of these a** shots out,” Blac Chyna explained.

Blac Chyna Smooches Camera [Source: Blac Chyna - Instagram]
[Source: Blac Chyna – Instagram]
She admitted that she got silicone butt shots, which are “totally different” from a Brazilian Butt Lift. Yet, Chyna wanted to stress the dangers of injecting silicone into your body. The former television personality first got the shots when she was just 19. From there, she continued to get them.

The 34-year-old wants to grow her booty naturally. The footage was from Thursday, March 9. She admitted that it was “hopefully my last time getting my breasts done.” It’s been about the fourth or fifth time that she got it done. Chyna is undergoing a massive transformation in which she also removed her long acrylic nails.

“I’m going to retire the long sharp nails,” Blac Chyna said in the video.

Blac Chyna loves her new self

This is going to take several weeks of recovery. Blac Chyna loves her decision and is happy with her new self. She’s glad about getting the work undone. Chyna couldn’t stop thinking about the complications involved with silicone.

Blac Chyna All Glammed Up [Source: Blac Chyna - Instagram]
[Source: Blac Chyna – Instagram]
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