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David Woolley Overflows With Love For Christine Brown

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David Woolley is filled with so much love for his new girlfriend, Christine Brown. It is unclear when the Sister Wives star started dating David exactly. However, since they came out with their romance, the duo has not stopped gushing over one another. Recently, she shared a post of them and he reciprocated the love. Read on for more details.

David Woolley Overflows With Love For Christine Brown

Christine Brown spent so many years feeling unappreciated by Kody Brown. The two were in a plural marriage with three other women with Christine being the third wife. She entered the relationship in 1994 and Kody openly admitted that he was not attracted to her. Eventually, he revealed that he married her because she was royalty in their church. Finally, in early 2021, Christine decided that she was done with the marriage, especially after Kody said it would be an intimacy-free marriage.

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Therefore, Christine Brown shared she was not only done with Kody and the plural family but that she was moving from Flagstaff to Utah. She was nervous that she would struggle to find someone to date as she was almost fifty. Yet, she remained hopeful. Then, in early February, she shared that she had met someone and she was in a committed relationship. She did not want to share any photos of him just yet but she was very happy and he was a real family man. Soon, it was determined that his name was David Woolley, a father of eight and a grandpa.

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It was not long after that she and David went public on social media. They have not stopped their lovefest since and are always cooing, dancing, and he calls her his queen. Recently, they went out to dinner and she shared a photo of the two on her Instagram. Christine captioned it: I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life. He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen. #unbelievablyhappy #myking #lovethislifeofmine #imsoblessed.” In return, David shared the photo in his Instagram story with three heart emojis above it.

A Lasting Love

Christine Brown and David Woolley seem so much in love. When she headed to North Carolina to meet Maddie Brush’s new baby girl, Christine noted she missed her man. Fans are so happy that she has found someone who is giving her the love and the life that she has so desperately craved and deserved. However, it is yet to be seen if he will be featured on Season 18 of Sister Wives though fans are hopeful they will see their romance evolve.

What do you think of Christine and David’s love story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think it is wonderful, I am so happy for her finding someone that she does not have to share with another wive. I wish them all the happiness in the world

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