Whitney & Zach Bates’ Unexplained Absence Sparks Concern

Whitney and Zach Bates - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans are pretty concerned after hearing about Whitney and Zach Bates’ recent unexplained absence. The couple has been especially quiet lately, both in person and on social media. While the couple and their four kids usually attend family gatherings, they missed out on a huge event recently. Naturally, this has left fans questioning what’s going on with them. Keep reading for all of the details about the situation, and see what fans have to say about it.

This past weekend, the Bates family gathered for their annual “I Love You Day” costume party. Many members of the family participated in the fun event, which had a “mission to find love” theme. They all dressed up as spies, secret agents, and other similar characters. Throughout the week, the family has shared photos and videos from the occasion.

But Whitney and Zach never posted their costumes or shared anything about the party.

Whitney and Zach Bates - Instagram
Whitney and Zach Bates – Instagram

Whitney & Zach Bates’ Absence Revealed

In an Instagram post about “I Love You Day,” Michael Bates revealed that several family members were unable to make it. She said:

“It wasn’t quite the same celebrating with so many empty spots this year. Katie and Travis just welcomed sweet Hailey, John and Alyssa are awaiting the arrival of little Rhett, Lawson and Tiffany and Nathan are in Turkey serving the people who have suffered so much tragedy from the earthquake, Zach and Whitney weren’t with us, and my precious grandparents were also absent this year. Meema is now in Heaven with Jesus and Papa Bill and Mama Jane are not able to travel as often.”

For some reason, while Michael revealed why each of her family members was unable to be there, she didn’t offer an explanation for Zach and Whitney’s absence.

You can read the full post and see the video below.

Bringing Up Bates Fans Express Concerns

On Redditfans are talking about Michael’s recent post and many noticed the lack of explanation about Whitney and Zach Bates. Several think it’s odd that Michael explained everyone else’s absences but failed to share any details about Zach and Whitney missing the event.

Because Whitney is pregnant with their fifth child and isn’t feeling well, it’s possible she stayed home to rest. But fans thought that Zach still could have attended the gathering with a few of their kids. Others wonder if they simply had a scheduling conflict. However, one fan speculated that there is more to the story. They wrote, “If they didn’t have other plans, this feud sounds pretty massive.”

As of now, there is no explanation for Whitney and Zach Bates missing this event. It’s a huge deal for the Bates kids and grandkids, so it surprised fans that they would miss out. Hopefully, everything is okay.

So, are you concerned about Whitney and Zach Bates’ unexplained absence? Why do you think they might have missed this big event? Do you think it’s odd that Michael Bates explained the other absences but didn’t say anything else about Zach and Whitney? Sound off in the comments section below. And keep coming back for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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  1. They went on a trip in the RV owned by Zach’s parents to see the great grandparents.
    Maybe it conflicted with the “I love you” weekend because that had to be postponed at one point also while Katie had her baby
    Quite trying to come up with people fighting

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