Whitney Bates Reveals Which Of Her Kids Are ‘Partners In Crime’

Whitney Bates Instagram

Former Bringing Up Bates star Whitney Bates revealed to fans which of her kids are “partners in crime.” She shared a couple of new photos on social media and showed fans what the troublemakers have been up to lately. So, which of her four children are getting into trouble these days? Scroll down to see the hilarious photos and see what Whitney said.

Zach & Whitney Bates’ Kids

Zach and Whitney now have four young kids. Their firstborn, Bradley, is eight years old. Next, they had a daughter, Kaci, who is six years old. Their third little one, Khloé, is three years old. In June 2021, they welcomed Jadon to the world. The little guy is 20 months old now.

In August 2023, Whitney and Zach will welcome their fifth child to their family. At this point, they don’t know the gender.

Whitney Bates Instagram
Whitney Bates Instagram

Who Are The ‘Partners In Crime?’

On her Instagram Stories this week, Whitney Bates revealed that two of her four kiddos have teamed up and gotten into trouble together. First, she shared a photo of Jadon sitting on the kitchen counter with his face and body covered in peanut butter.

She captioned the photo: “That look when after your bath, your 3 year old sister helps you get on to the counter and into the peanut butter…” 

She added, “Jadon and Khloé are partners in crime around here…” 

Below, you can see the photo of Jadon.

Whitney Bates Instagram
Whitney Bates Instagram

Later, Whitney Bates talked to Khloé about this messy situation. The little girl said, “I didn’t just really get in it.” Whitney explained that Khloé wanted to make it very clear that she didn’t get into the peanut butter herself. She admitted that she helped Jadon but didn’t want to take responsibility for the mess.

With another little one on the way, there are sure to be even more messes at the Bates family’s home. Thanks to social media, fans will be able to continue seeing the fun and wild things Whitney and Zach’s kids do. So, be on the lookout for more updates as the “partners in crime” team up with their new sibling in the future.

So, what do you think of these snaps of Jadon and Khloé getting into trouble? Did you guess that these two would be the troublemakers? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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