Kyle Chrisley Supports Savannah As Stand-In Mother To Chloe

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Chrisley Knows Best fans have wondered how Kyle Chrisley feels about his biological daughter Chloe being under the care of Savannah while Todd and Julie are behind bars.

As fans know, Kyle is a whole different person with a beautiful wife that has children of her own these days. And, some fans questioned why Kyle didn’t step up to the plate to take care of Chloe when his parents landed behind bars. While the family didn’t make the reason for these decisions public, most fans assume Todd and Julie were more comfortable leaving Chloe with Savannah. Likewise, Chloe is also probably more comfortable with Savannah. Moreover, Kyle’s wife does have other children. And, there could have been additional concerns for that reason.

Kyle Chrisley surfaced on Instagram recently and gave fans a bit of an answer regarding how he feels about the current situation. And, it appears as if there is nothing but love and support on his end.

Chase With Kyle Chrisley [Kyle Chrisley | Instagram]
[Kyle Chrisley | Instagram]

Kyle Chrisley supports Savannah as Chloe’s stand-in mother

A few days ago, Savannah shared a slide of several photos of herself with Grayson and Chloe. They appeared to be sitting in a booth at some sort of eatery.

Savannah Chrisley penned in the caption: “Hey guys… let’s take a cute pic!!”

My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.

Savannah Chrisley - Grayson - Chloe Instagram
Grayson – Chloe Instagram

Kyle Chrisley, who isn’t nearly as active as his siblings on social media, did surface in the comments of this post. His comment indicated he was very supportive of his sister stepping up as a stand-in mother for his biological daughter as well as his brother Grayson.

“This is precious,” Kyle penned in a comment that was liked over 400 times. Fans poured into the comments of his post to agree it was a precious photo and that Savannah was doing an incredible job.

Fans joined in praising Savannah

In other comments, fans joined Kyle Chrisley in lifting his sister up for the incredible job she was doing with these children during this difficult time. Fans admit they can only imagine what Savannah is feeling and going through. And, they appreciate that she’s doing everything she can to keep a smile on Grayson and Chloe’s faces during these difficult times.

One supportive fan penned in a comment liked over 500 times: “So admire you Savannah!! Your siblings are so lucky having such a wonderful fill-in mama!! You’ve got this!!”

Do you think it is sweet that Kyle Chrisley is making his support of his sister Savannah known?

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