Deborah Roberts Claims Her Husband Al Roker Has ‘Lost His Mind’

Deborah Roberts Al Roker Instagram

GMA host Deborah Roberts claims that her husband Al Roker has lost his mind. The couple recently jetted off to a tropical location with their son Nick Roker for a vacation. The ABC journalist has been sharing moments from the lavish vacation. She even wowed fans with some stunning bikini-clad photos proving that age is just a number. While the vacation was an amazing way for the family to unplug after Al Roker’s recent health scare, now Deborah claims that her husband has lost his mind. So, why did Deborah Roberts say so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Deborah Roberts Gushes Over Old School Machines

While the family was enjoying their vacation in Dorado, Puerto Rico, they shared several snaps and clips with their fans on Instagram. However, on Thursday, Deborah Roberts shared a not-so-fun side of vacations while reminiscing on old technologies and how simple they were.

Deborah Roberts Instagram

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In her first Instagram Story, she shared a picture of her clothes with the caption, “When you need to do laundry on vacation…”

The next was a clip of a washing machine and a dryer she was using at the resort she stayed at. She gushed over how easy it is to use these old-timey machines. The mother of two said, “This is what I’m talking about, old school washer-dryer. Knobs you can just it on for your load size pop it out to get it started. Hear that? And then, once you are done, a dryer where you just….”

Al Roker Wants Young People To Get Off His Lawn

Before she could finish her sentence, her husband Al Roker interrupted her shouting loudly, “Get off my lawn.”

“Yes. All you young people with all your new-fangled gadgets and things, GET OFF MY LAWN!,” he shouted at the camera.

Deborah Roberts Instagram

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Laughing at Al’s antics Deborah quipped, “He’s lost his mind!”

She continued describing the beauty of the archaic technology and said, “Nope, no apps needed for this though. I mean, this is cool. I love it. Old school!”

Deborah Roberts Al Roker Instagram

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In her next story, she added, “Who was that man? I have no idea but old school washer-dryer right down my alley. Love that!”

Deborah Roberts Insists She Needs To Breathe

While the family is surely having fun taking time from their daily strenuous work schedule, Deborah Roberts insisted that she needs to breathe. She shared a clip of the beautiful sea and the waves crashing on the beach, she wrote, “one word…BREATHE!”

Deborah Roberts Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

This comes after the ABC broadcaster revealed last month that she needed a break. She claimed that the break was to quiet her mind and body and recharge.

So, do you relate to Deborah Roberts’ love for old-school washer-dryer machines? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. Yes I agree with you. I would much rather have the old school washers and dryers. These new ones are made very cheaply and do not last as long. They dent very easily !! Don’t like that the lid locks down either!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely agree, a lot of old school things are better! Who needs all this crazy smart technology! Enjoy your vacation….Laura

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