Jesse Palmer Blindsided Kat Izzo Was Not Winner

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The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer was blindsided that Kat Izzo was not the winner for Zach Shallcross’ season. Fans saw Kat finish fifth on Monday night losing her chance to take Zach home to meet her family. Many were blindsided by the breakup including Jesse. Keep reading to find out more.

Jesse Palmer blindsided by Kat Izzo leaving The Bachelor

The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer was blindsided that Kat Izzo did not win the final rose on Zach’s season. Instead, he sent her home in fifth place. Jesse was shocked when Zach Shallcross sent her Kat home. US Weekly shared what Jesse had to say. He said, “If I’m being honest, there was a time that I thought Kat was The One.” He continued, “Having talked to Zach on camera [and] talked to Zach off camera, I really thought it was Kat at the end. And so I knew how difficult these decisions were becoming for him, and I knew how hard he was taking the goodbyes, obviously. I knew that was going to be a really tough one.”

Jesse admits he was shocked like everyone else that she left. It was even worse for Jesse to see Zach suffering so much after she drove away. In the episode, fans saw Jesse walk out and give Zach a hug. Jesse commented on that hug and why he felt inclined to step in at that moment.

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Jesse said, “I’m with the producers watching the goodbye at the castle in Budapest, and I just saw his face when he was standing out in front of the castle and I thought, ‘Man, I just gotta go out there and give a guy a hug.’ He needs someone just to kind of be there with him for this moment.” He continued, “He’s always been so great about allowing me to kind of share that space with him just a little bit to try to help. But, you know, I know I wasn’t the only person surprised at Kat going home at that point. And I know that was one of the toughest decisions that Zach has had on his entire experience.”

Kat Izzo final five

Zach and Kat have also commented

Kat has also said that she felt blindsided by Zach’s decision to send her home. However, she doesn’t regret her time with him. She has learned some qualities she would like to see in her future partner.

As for Zach, he shared that goodbyes were always hard on him. He also revealed that Kat did nothing wrong at all. He simply felt his relationship with the other four ladies was stronger. Jesse’s interpretation of where things went wrong seems to be when the group was in Estonia. It was this week that Kat also angered the other women she stole Zach away for a quick smooch before his date with Charity.

Zach Shallcross and Kat Izzo

What do you think about Jesse being shocked that Kat didn’t win Zach’s heart? Were you surprised Kat was sent home?

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