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‘Bachelor’ Fans Upset Zach Shallcross Ditched Greer After Covid

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Fans of The Bachelor are not happy with Zach Shallcross after he decided to end things with Greer Blitzer. The show seemingly strung her along for a few weeks dealing with Zach having Covid and then herself. Once she finally saw the man of the hour again it had been three weeks since they had last seen one another. It didn’t take long for their breakup to occur and fans were baffled and wondering what the point was at all. Recall, Logan went home when he had Covid on The Bachelorette and nobody said goodbye to him. He didn’t get another chance once he recovered. So, everyone thinks this situation was a bit odd. Keep reading to find out more.

Zach Shallcross says goodbye to Greer

Greer Blitzer received Zach’s first impression rose and many thought she could be the one left standing in the end. However, Zach got Covid and that led to an awkward Zoom conversation between him and Greer. During this conversation, he told her that finding his person was more important than the work-related stuff she had missed due to Covid. Greer left the conversation upset and thinking this was her demise. It wasn’t and he gave her a rose at the first-ever virtual rose ceremony.

Unfortunately, Greer tested positive for Covid after Zach. So, she wasn’t allowed to see him in Estonia at all while she was quarantined. The group traveled to Budapest and once again Greer was not allowed on any dates. She did make her way back to the group finally hoping that she could still save things with Zach.

Greer and Zach via Instagram

Since she didn’t get included on a date this week, Zach paid her a solo visit. He went to her and she noted that she felt really good. She then said, “Obviously, like, when I found that I tested positive, like, feeling like my story with you was going to end really sucked. So, I do see something between us and I guess, like, I was just wondering where you’re at.”

Zach said, “I’m just following my gut, my heart, and to give a hometown rose, I need to feel 100 percent confident that I can see a future and I don’t feel that. I would never want to string you along.”

Greer was upset but said she understood. Fans weren’t quite as understanding.

Fans react to Greer leaving

Bachelor fans were not so understanding. One fan said, “Y’all they really sent Greer to England, Estonia, and Hungary to have zero dates with Zach, catch Covid, and get dumped on national TV before hopping on another flight back to the US.”

Bachelor Bob said, “Pretty wild that they dragged Greer around Eastern Europe for a week only to have Zach kick her to the curb after a five minute conversation. I hope they gave her unlimited hot tea for her troubles.”

Another fan wrote, “they made greer quarantine for three weeks and travel all the way to budapest just to get sent home thirty seconds into her date lmao the devil works hard but bachelor producers work harder.”

Needless to say, the comments went on and on with many feeling sorry for Greer for being strung along on the show.

What did you think of Zach sending Greer home immediately after seeing her after three weeks?


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  1. Greer was on a Commercial Airline flight while COVID-Positive!!! Bachelor Show sucks! How many innocent people were exposed to Greer and how many infected and could have gotten gravely or fatally ill?????

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