‘Below Deck’: Jake Clopton’s Unlikely Bunkmate Poses Questions

Jake Clopton & Sister-In-Law [Source: YouTube]

Below Deck fans got to know Jake Clopton and his charter guests on Monday’s episode. They did more than just act crazy on board. The viewers wanted to know about his bunkmate situation. Jake admitted that he left his wife at home with their kids while he went on a yacht trip with his friends.

Jake’s unlikely bunkmate posed questions about their situation. Some fans joked that it caused more drama than the shocking plot twist in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. Keep on reading to learn more about the primary charter guest and his friends.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Who is Jake Clopton?

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Season 10, the crew welcomed the latest primary charter guest, Jake Clopton. He and his friends described themselves as frat boys. These men haven’t outgrown drinking and partying. Jake Clopton is an entrepreneur, author, and real estate mogul who is ready to work and party hard on board St. David.

Per Meaww.com, he went to college in New York City. Jake later moved to Argentina and then Chicago, where he achieved success. He loves to wake up early in the mornings despite his hard-partying lifestyle. In 2008, Jake became the founder and president of Clopton Capital.

Jake Clopton & Crew [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
His friends and family members joined him on Below Deck Season 10. They’re ready to have a good time. Of course, that comes with a long list of preferences. Alcohol is the beverage of choice during their short time on the yacht. They look forward to partying the night away as they drink as much as they can.

The guests were ready to start drinking right away. The crew noticed that they have high demands. For example, Jake wanted their first dinner to be a seafood and cocktail pairing, which will be a challenge for Chef Rachel Hargrove. The following day, they looked forward to a beach picnic.

Below Deck fans have questions

During Monday’s episode, Below Deck fans took to Twitter to react to Jake and his fellow charter guests. They wanted to know more about their interpersonal relationships. In one scene, Jake told chief stew Fraser Olender that his wife is back home in Chicago with their kids. Fraser called the situation “interesting” in his confessional. Fans noticed at the start of the charter that his sister-in-law was bunking with him in the same room.

She made it clear that she was sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, during dinner, Below Deck fans also noticed Josh’s girlfriend Olivia. She looked either depressed or like she had too much to drink. Olivia sat at the dinner table in her white dress. Every so often, she would space out. Fans wanted to know more about her story and why she was so upset.

These Below Deck guests are sure to bring some side drama of their own. What are your thoughts on Jake Cloption’s bunkmate? Did you have your own thoughts about these charter guests? Sound off below in the comment section.

Watch the next episode of Below Deck Season 10 on Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes are available to stream on Peacock.

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