‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Hits The Road To Oregon, Why?

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Zach Roloff’s wife Tori was spotted in Oregon recently (near Roloff Farms) and LPBW fans are wondering what’s going on. As fans of this TLC family know, Zach and Tori packed up and left Oregon after negotiations with Matt for Roloff Farms didn’t work out. They ended up packing up their family, moving to Battleground, and they had another baby.

Little People, Big World fans have mixed feelings about the situation as it was no secret Jackson Roloff was very close to both Matt and his girlfriend Caryn. Likewise, Jackson also enjoyed spending time at Roloff Farms. So, some fans felt like Tori and Zach were mistakenly punishing Jackson in the process of keeping the kids from Matt.

Something Tori Roloff posted on Instagram recently revealed she had traveled back to Oregon and fans wondered what she was doing there.

Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff Instagram

Tori Roloff was spotted in Oregon, why?

Turns out, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories asking for recommendations on a good place to grab a bite to eat in Wilsonville. Now, doing a little research, Wilsonville is a city in Oregon. And, it is about a 30-minute drive from Roloff Farms. Was Zach Roloff with his wife? Did the kids tag along for this trip? What was she doing in Oregon? Unfortunately, these were questions that didn’t really get answered. Some fans speculate filming episodes of LPBW would be a reason for Tori to come back to Oregon.

Many fans agreed the most likely reason Tori was visiting Oregon was to visit with Amy and Chris. As fans know, Amy and Chris live approximately 15 minutes away from Roloff Farms. And, Tori and Zach were on fantastic terms with Amy and Chris. So, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to be in the state simply to visit with Zach’s mother.

TLC - Instagram - Tori Roloff + Amy Roloff

Have they made up with Matt?

Fans really have no idea what the status of their relationship with Matt Roloff is. Matt did make sure fans knew he was aware of Zach’s brain surgery and was getting updates from Tori. But, fans thought he should have been with his grandchildren while their father was having surgery as opposed to posting that he was in the know via Instagram.

Unfortunately, fans fear the relationship Tori and Zach had with Matt and Caryn may be gone for good. Fans hate thinking this way as they believe it is the grandchildren who are getting punished.

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