’SW:’ Maddie Brush Shares Evie’s Precious Request

Sister Wives star Maddie Brush shared her daughter Evie’s precious request. The mom of three has her hands full with her newborn child Josephine. Maddie and her husband Caleb welcomed their third child on February 10, 2023, and introduced her to Instagram just days later. While the reality star is busy taking care of her young ones, she also manages to capture some sweet moments every now and then. So, what was Evie’s precious request about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Maddie Brush’s Daughter Evie Had A Health Scare

Evie is Maddie and Caleb’s second child whose delivery was featured on Season 14, Episode 15. However, the young one had a health scare just a day after she was born. She was diagnosed with FATCO syndrome which causes the bones in extremities to not develop completely. Evie’s limb differences at birth included a missing thumb, a bowed tibia, a leg missing a fibula, a toe, and two fingers fused together. Ultimately, Evie had to undergo Boyd amputation in August 2021 and also had webbing clipped on her right hand.

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However, despite her health struggles, Evie is an adorable older sister to Josephine. On Thursday, the TV star shared an adorable picture of Evie sleeping with her sister on Instagram. In the caption, Maddie Brush detailed the request Evie made. She wrote, “Evie always asks me to ‘sleep with joey.’ Usually requires an adult close by, but I am glad she loves her sister so much.”

Maddie Brush Is Pushing Plexus On Her Followers

While fans can’t get enough of these adorable kids, they aren’t happy with Maddie Brush. The TLC star was recently blasted for promoting Plexus as a drink that is safe for pregnancy. Sister Wives fans were quick to note how Maddie had started pushing the Plexus drink once again after she welcomed her baby girl. She has been off the TLC show for several years after marrying Caleb. However, she seems to have been making a living off of promoting MLM products such as Plexus.

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Just weeks after having her third child, Maddie Brush was seen pushing Plexus on her followers. Fans were shocked after they saw her latest video which showed her making a drink as she nursed her newborn babe. In the clip, she revealed that her postpartum with Evie had been very difficult as she revealed she cut corners to lose the baby weight.

Fans Question Plexus’ Safety When Used During Pregnancy

However, with her recent postpartum, she wants to take it slow and wishes to focus on her health as opposed to losing weight. Yet, on Reddit, fans questioned the safety of Plexus when used during pregnancy. They couldn’t understand why the young mom was willingly putting her child at risk while promoting a false narrative that the ingredients were safe to ingest when pregnant.

Maddie Brush Instagram Sister Wives

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