Clayton Echard, Rachel Recchia Reunited, Talked About Dating

Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard via youtube

Former Bachelor Clayton Echard is opening up about a lot of things and one of them is his recent reunion with Rachel Recchia. What happened and did they really talk about possibly trying to date again? Keep reading to find out all the details straight from Clayton’s mouth!

Clayton Echard opens up about reunion with Rachel Recchia

US Weekly shared all about what Clayton Echard had to say about meeting up with Rachel Recchia after a year of not speaking. When the two were seen in a TikTok earlier in February, fans instantly hoped they were planning to date again. However, they both played it off and basically said nothing was going on. Now, Clayton is sharing that he and Rachel did in fact talk about trying to date again.

So, what exactly happened during this meet-up? Clayton said first of all that it was great to get together with her. He said, “There was so much healing there. That conversation was so powerful. I walked away from that experience and I just remember thinking like, ‘Man, this just felt so rewarding.’ And I’m just so happy to know that even someone like her — after everything that happened — everyone that was mad at me, [but] nobody could be more mad at me than her or Gabby. And so for her to forgive me and tell me that, ‘Hey, I understand, and I don’t hold this against you any longer,’ that was probably one of the best things I could have heard.”

He went on to say that if Rachel can forgive him that he should be able to forgive himself.

Will they date?

Clayton then said that he believes fans relate their own traumas to those of the leads and so if there was a possibility of him and Rachel working out, fans would love to see it.

As far as if that is a possibility, Clayton said probably not. He said, “Her and I both talked about it. We said, you know, we have very high thoughts of each other. But, of course, after what all happened, it’s like, ‘How would you ever go about dating again after all of what occurred?’ She doesn’t have any interest in doing so.” He continued, “And I got that. I also was on my end, like, ‘You know what, after everything we went through, being friends sounds very pleasant.’”

Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram
Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram

What do you think about Clayton and Rachel reconnecting and at least agreeing to be friends again?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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