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Carlin Bates Stewart Bashed For ‘Self-Centered’ Behavior, Why?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are bashing Carlin Bates Stewart for her “self-centered” behavior. Fans feel that the 24-year-old comes across as selfish and immature. What has been said about her personality? And why do fans feel that this is an accurate description of her? Keep reading for all of the details.

Fans first got to know Carlin on her family’s reality TV shows, United Bates of America and Bringing Up Bates. Now, of course, the shows have ended, so fans enjoy following Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, as well as many of their kids, on social media. Several adult children also have YouTube channels where they share regular videos about their lives.

Thanks to Carlin Bates Stewart’s frequent photos and videos, fans have gotten a better look at who she really is. But it looks like some of her followers have a negative opinion. Why is that?

Carlin Bates Stewart- YouTube
Carlin Bates Stewart- YouTube

Carlin Bates Stewart is bashed for her ‘self-centered’ behavior.

In a new post on the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram page, a fan sent in an anonymous confession about Carlin’s personality. They wrote:

“Every time Carlin comes on, it feels like she is super self centered or narcissistic. Even her YouTube feels forced and materialistic.”

In the comments section of the post, other fans began weighing in. Someone said, “She is always focused on her self and is always super loud and obnoxious.”

Another one added a note about Carlin’s husband Evan too. They said, “Me too… Evan. He makes their YT videos almost unbearable.”

One Bringing Up Bates fan mentioned Carlin’s “immature baby voice,” while someone else said she seems “immature and childish.”

You can read the full post below.

Other Bringing Up Bates fans rush to her defense.

Though some fans agree with this assessment of Carlin Bates Stewart’s personality, others disagree. One fan argued, “I think Carlin has matured so much! She seems kind.”

Another one pointed out, “All the haters you should be ashamed Carlin is sick and still takes care of her family and was there for Katie too.”

While some people dislike Carlin’s personality, plenty more still seem to enjoy her content. She gets lots of attention on social media and YouTube, so not everyone feels this way about her.

So, do you agree with the fans who think that Carlin Bates Stewart is self-centered? Or do you think that’s an inaccurate judgment of her? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars. Below, you can check out one of Carlin’s recent YouTube videos.

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