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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Sick Of Mayim Bialik’s Habit, Want Ken Back Now

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Mayim Bialik has returned and Jeopardy! fans are already sick of her. They want Ken Jennings back. In July 2022, producers announced that both Mayim and Ken would continue sharing the permanent position. They’re swapping positions every few months due to their respective projects.

Both of the game show hosts have busy careers. Fans got used to Ken, who hosted the game show since September 2022. Mayim returned this month and fans want Ken back now. They’re sick of her annoying habit. Keep on reading to learn more and see what the latest backlash is about.

Jeopardy High School Reunion Tournament [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans want Ken Jennings back

Some of the Jeopardy! viewers want Ken Jennings to be the only permanent host. They noticed a habit that Mayim Bialik does. She returned to host the three-week High School Reunion Tournament. The special only lasts through March 9, so fans won’t be seeing her for long.

Mayim Bialik [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
However, fans weren’t happy to see her back and don’t want her to return. Mayim will continue to split duties with Ken for the remainder of the season. Jeopardy! fans noticed her “infuriating” habit during one broadcast. They took to an Instagram post to call her out on it. Others have begged the show to bring Ken back.

  • “Bring back Ken as host.”
  • “Mayim is very slow to react when the answer is given.”
  • “I noticed this too. It’s really annoying me.”
  • “Does anyone know when Ken will be back?”
  • “Missing Ken.”
  • “Ken, Ken, Ken, please.”
  • “Why do you pause to say whether their answer is correct or not, @missbyaim???”

Mayim Bialik’s annoying habit

Jeopardy! fans previously called out Mayim Bialik for slowing down the pace of the show. Now, they’re noticing the habit when she pauses to see whether an answer is correct or not. Mayim has explained in interviews that she pauses to follow cues and to ensure the answers are right.

Viewers noticed that she takes her time saying “that is correct” before moving on with the next clue. This is obvious during the “Daily Double.” Some fans claim that it has made it difficult to enjoy the game show. While most of the complaints were on Instagram, other fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Mayim Bialik’s hosting abilities.

“Genuine serious question: why don’t people like Mayim as host?” one fan asked.

“Her long pause after someone gives their Daily Double answer drives me insane,” another wrote.

“With Mayim, it sounds like I’m listening to a soundboard instead of an actual human being hosting a game show,” a second chimed in.

Some fans have called her “stiff.” Others noted that it took Ken some time “to warm up and get comfortable,” while Mayim is still “unnatural.” There are fans who are annoyed by her pauses and want to know the reason behind them.

What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik? Do you want Ken back? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I like Mayim,shes refreshing,if you dont like her watch something else, I was tired of Ken ,nice to see her for a change .Alex wanted a woman anyway.

    1. No, Alex did NOT want a woman – where did you get that? He was good friends with Ken and lobbied for KEN to be host! Also, Mayim is very sweet. but remains incompetent as a Jeopardy! game-runner. That long pause others have mentioned is indeed infuriating. I never imagined that I would intentionally skip my favorite game show, but that is truly what I do most if the time if I’m just not in the mood to put up with Mayim.🤢

    1. You’re not the only one! I agree wholeheartedly. I rarely watch it myself. Main reason no Alex😓and also I don’t like ‘her’. At all. Maybe just a little on Big Bang. But several years of ‘a little’= Not at all. I like Ken. So if I go watch it I make sure he’s the host.

  2. I do not watch Jeopardy while Ken is gone. In fact, I record it daily if I’m away. I stopped recording. Ken should be always the host. Do not like Mayim responses or mannerisms.

    1. Not to be rude, but I just don’t watch Jeopardy while Ken is gone. I don’t think Mayim does a good job as host but I do think she is trying her best. Maybe a better host at a different show.

  3. Why is everyone bashing people like they are responsible for everything that is taking place. Are there directors and producers that makes decisions? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

  4. I really like watching Mayim, she makes the show fun. I don’t understand the negative commen
    ts. please don’t take her off!!!

  5. I love Mayim. I would prefer if Ken never came back, he is much too arrogant and appears to me to have a bias toward certain contestants.

  6. I don’t mean to be indecent but Mayim needs to go back to her own program Call Me Kat, and allow Ken to entertain us once again. My wife and I refuse to watch the program when she’s hosting.
    The show had a winning formula with Ken on board. Please reinstate the obvious and return our king to the throne!

  7. Totally agree with the majority of fans who think Mayim should be relegated to the hour-long primetime editions. I don’t dislike her, in fact I like the spunk she brings to the game- but I think her style is better suited to a format that can benefit from it time-wise. The half-hour show is pretty no-nonsense, no time for extra jokes or suspense with the pauses. There is room for both to host, but Ken should really be the one for the daily version (unless it’s for high stakes editions such as the Masters competition).

  8. I find Mayim Bialek to be funny and charming. Not everyone can be as perfect as you all seem to think you are. I think you all should get off of social media for a while. Just because someone goes a little slower or looks different all of you feel they should be out of a job. Let’s put you in her place and see how good you do!

    1. The show does not have the long-standing norms and high standards that it has upheld for decades only to suddenly accept mediocrity when there is a person with acceptable skills right there.

  9. I will not watch any show she is hosting I won’t watch Jeopardy again until Ken returns. I have never liked her and I don’t know anyone who likes her..
    Alex would want Ken as the permit host.

  10. Not watching unless Ken hosts. I like Mayim on TBBT but don’t think she’s a good fit for Jeopardy. There are certain pacings and timings we’ve gotten used to since Alex’s time and Ken replicates that pretty much perfectly.

  11. I just find her overall annoying. I don’t like the way she interacts with the contestants. she gets too excited when a contestant finds the d daily double. I don’t like how she dresses. She doesn’t look profession

  12. I have watched Jeopardy since Art Fleming was the host. I just cannot watch it when Mayim is doing it. She’s just not proficient at and I think she never will be . She’s a talented smart woman but just not a good Jeopardy host.

  13. Please just get rid of her bring Ken back an I will start watching the show again. I’ve watched the show forever but not now till Ken is back goodbye jeopardy.

  14. I stopped watching the past week and won’t watch until Ken is back. Ken is fun! He makes the show entertaining. In my opinion Mayim brings the show down. Please don’t let her host. I miss my daily dose of jeopardy but I cannot watch her. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    1. I do not appreciate the delayed response for a correct answer nor do I like the excitement she has when someone finds a Double Jeopardy. She’d be great as a host of the BEAST or perhaps $100,000 Pyramid as I dislike Michael S.

    1. The pause . . . And her COMPLETELY DISINGENUOUS ingratiating – and yet remarkably condescending – saccharine pandering to the audience – ugh! Just be a person, Jeopardy is NOT a lowest common denominator, cliché Acting gig. As unfathomable as it is to me that she ever landed her ridiculous acting role, Jeopardy is not the place for more of That. She is UNwatchable!

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