‘Today’ Fans Want Hoda Kotb Gone, Rally Behind Willie Geist?

Hoda Kotb & Willie Geist [Source: YouTube]

Hoda Kotb went missing from the Today Show this week. Fans are already eyeing her fill-in and want him to take over permanently. Some of them rallied behind Willie Geist. Find out what happened.

What happened to Hoda Kotb?

Hoda Kotb is absent from the morning show. She’s shared cryptic messages on Instagram that had fans feeling some type of way lately. Her first post was on Tuesday, February 21. It was an illustration of a horse and a little boy in the deep waters together. The other mysterious post showed the boy riding the horse and looking at a huge gray cloud.

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
These illustrations may sound depressing, but the messages are filled with hope. Hoda Kotb hasn’t shared the reason for her absence this week. The Today Show moved on without her this week. Hoda’s fans took to the comment section of her Instagram posts to share that they miss her.

However, there are some who are looking for a permanent fill-in. They’re calling for fan favorite Willie Geist to take over for Hoda during the fourth hour of the morning show. Willie has been filling in for Hoda. He sat next to Jenna Bush Hager on the talk show.

Willie Geist with Jenna Bush Hager

On Friday’s broadcast of the Today Show, Willie Geist took over for Hoda Kotb. She still hasn’t shared why she was gone. Some fans are concerned about her while others think she should get replaced. Sheinelle Jones previously filled in for her earlier this week, except for Friday.

Willie Geist Fills In For Hoda Kotb [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Willie wasn’t part of the talk show. Instead, Jacob Soboroff and Tom Llamas joined the main co-anchors. Willie sat next to Jenna Bush Hager during the fourth hour. Fans are loving their dynamic during the show. They likened it to a brother-and-sister relationship.

Fans rally behind Hoda Kotb’s replacement

Willie and Jenna finished each other’s sentences. Their chemistry was off the charts in the live broadcast. Fans took to the Today Show’s Instagram page to react to a post of the two together at the big desk. Many agree that Willie should permanently replace Hoda Kotb.

  • “Great job Willie!! Love when he’s there. And Sheinelle also has done a great job!!”
  • “Love Jenna and Willie together! They are like brother and sister and are hilarious!!!”
  • “Love Willie with Jenna. She’s like a different person when Hoda isn’t there. Hmmmm, maybe Willie should replace Hoda!”
  • “Give Willie Geist his own segment. Smart, funny and entertaining!”
  • “Team Willie!”
  • “I love Willie and Jenna!!!!”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Willie should replace Hoda Kotb on the show? Or, do you miss her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think that they should leave Hota right were is is don’t mess with her if anything they should get rid of savanna Grothre. I don’t like her at all. I think that she is very mean to Hota and everyone else. She is the one that needs to be replaced.

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